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Contents of Ten Pillars of Buddhism - Tuscany 1984 Unchecked

by Sangharakshita

DISCLAIMER - This transcript has not been checked, and may contain mistakes and mishearings.


1The Sixteen Arahats
3Where is Jambudvipa?
3Origin of term "Going For Refuge"
6Objections to "Taking the (Dharmacari vs Upasaka) Refuges"
7The esoteric Refuges
9Going For Refuge with more than one guru
9Are the Ten Precepts used in other movements?
10The positive nidanas in Buddhist thought
11The ealy division between monk and lay
12Such a division in the WBO
13Lifestyle being secondary
14Indian OM's and sexual relations
17More celibacy in the Order?
20Why the original Sangha was single sex
21Stereotyping OM's
23The origin of Body, Speech, Mind triad
23Correlation between speech and the Sambogakaya
25Why the triad was unlikely to have originated with the Buddha
27FWBO jargon and adaptation of words
28Why the Pali Canon as source of examples?
29Origin of "anagarika"
30Bhante's experience of anagarikas
32Anagarikas in the West in the WBO
32OM's getting married
38Is there a spiritual element in traditional analyses of man?
40On doing one's practice daily
41The Kutadanta sutta
43Dualistic traditions
47Dualism and the Mahayana
49The Precepts as integral with Going For Refuge
50"Rules" or "Items" of Training?
51Positive nidanas within the skandhas?
52Nirvana and the skandhas
54The Ox-herding pictures
57The Precepts as training
60Positive nidanas within the skandhas?
62"Unconstituted" rather than "Unconditioned"
68Criticism of traditional Buddhists
74Lineage within the FWBO
76Stepping outside tradition
78Can love ever kill?
78Punishment within the Order
79Buddhists going to church
80Expulsion from the Order
82The Sangha invoking the secular law
83Dharmacarini's dependence on thought
84Major vs minor precepts
85Laity's influence on the original precepts
86Monks "keeping up appearances"
88Living on the dole
92Keeping up appearances
94The spirit vs the letter of tradition
95Modifying a rule
96Bhante's status in the East
98The original robes
99WBO robes
99Green cords
100Strongest views are on the most trivial matters
101Upgrading mitras
102Mitras taking the precepts
103and Refuges
105.. .and doing puja
106The basic puja
109"World" Buddhist Order?
110Approach to beginners
112Rationality & clear thinking
114Strongest views on the most trivial matters
116Knowing what you want
121Capital punishment / monarchy
124Sharing society's responsibilities
125'Suicide' by burning (as a protest)
126Karma and the secular law
127Corporal punishment
129Padmasambhava's behaviour
130Violence in society
131Mercy killing
133'Suicide' in old age
134Religious suicide
140Relationship between Going for Refuge and the Precepts
141Karate and aggressiveness
142 Channelling negativity
149 Ten positive precepts or nine?
150 Empathy and communication
152 Existentialism
153 Emotional blackmail
158 Taking someone's time
160 The Shakespeare quote
161 Rewording the eighth precept
162 Sharing property in the Order
163 Common ownership in the Order
166 Common ownership in traditional Buddhism
166 Why poets have been quoted rather than philosophers
167 The 'imagination' of Hitler
168 Escapism in the Order
168 Reading Dr Johnson
170 Giver/gift/recipient unity
172 An anomoly in the cosmology
175 The Higher Criticism in Christianity
177 " " " Buddhism
181 The Rhys Davids's
182 Anarchism
184 Idealism
184 Asuras-animals relationship
185 Origin of asuras
186 "Gods that control the creations of others"
187 The arupa-loka and visualisation
190 Androgyny, mysticism and Sufism
192 Mysticism in Christianity
194A Mysticism in Buddhism
195 Androgyny in literature
196 Celibacy during sleep
197 Dreams
200 Falling in love
202 ... with a Bodhisattva
203 ... and the arts
210 Orgasm
211 'Powerful' experiences
213 Friendship & communication in the FWB0216 Blake and the imagination
217 Contacting Bodhisattvas
220 Heroes
221 Vows of silence
222 Reticence
223 Curses
228 Children using rude words
229 Vocabulary limits experience
231 Rejoicing in merits
233 Remembering things
236 Contacting the Bodhisattvas
237 OM's passing on practices
238 ... and teaching the Dharma
240 FWBO co-ops working unethically
241 Synthesising the pairs of precepts
243 Chanting correctly
246Negative speech as a safety valve
247Speaking the truth
253Puja readings
254Metaphor & Dualism
256Merging of languages
261Speeches and formality
265Are the mind precepts the most important?
266What is 'critical' awareness?
267'Impermanence' in Western philosophy
268Why do some people go further than others?
269Western philosophers and the Dharma
271The source of destructive urges
274Mitra's miccha-ditthis
276Classifying miccha-ditthis
277Conversation vs communication
280Character types
286Horror stories
291Six element practice
294Psychological analysis as an excuse
299Poverty in Britain
300Taking responsibility
302Men's desire for children
304Expanding the Order

download whole text as a pdf