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Contents of Questions and Answers at the Buddhist Society of New South Wales - Sydney 1979

by Sangharakshita

The Venerable Sangharakshita

Questions and Answers at the Buddhist Society of New South Wales, Australia, March 1979


1 Taking sutras literally or symbolically - The White Lotus Sutra
2 Studying Dharma texts with a teacher
3 Can one be a Buddhist and not believe in rebirth?
Striving for Enlightenment in this lifetime.
4 Pratitya Samutpada from moment to moment rather than over a series of lives?
5 Sukhavati/The London Buddhist Centre
6 The FWBO and social work
The place of work in the spiritual life
Single sex activities?
7 What is the mitra system and the what is the Order?
9 The family and the FWBO
Children and meditation
10 Kalyana Mitras
11 An experimental approach in the FWBO?
12 The two meditation practices in the FWBO
13 Problems with the metta bhavana meditation
The origins of communication exercises
14 Self depreciation and guilt
14 Establishing positive relationships with one's parents
16 The centrality of the Going for Refuge
18 The Order in New Zealand

download whole text as a pdf