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Contents of Stability of Societies and of the Order

by Sangharakshita

The Stability of Societies and the Order

The stability of societies
1 Background history
2 Definition of Arhant.
Co-operation of secular with spiritual communities
4 What the FWBO has to Offer
5 Shrines and spirits
6 Remaining Faithful to the Vajjian dharma.
7 Respect For old people, roots and the past.
Stability of the Order
11 Frequent and regular Order meetings.
14 The summons of the Sangha
What meditation really is.
17 True and False Dharma
19 Gossip
19 Sloth
29 Being alone and loneliness
21 Levels of "human" contact
22- Healthy and neurotic desires
25-29 Definition of neurotic
29 "The good is very often the enemy of the best".
30 Suffering and neurosis

download whole text as a pdf