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Contents of Stability of Societies - New Zealand 1979

by Sangharakshita


[Weekend study in 1979 in Wellington - New Zealand]


1 The Conditions of Communal Stability
2 Who were the Vajjians?
The positive group and the spiritual community
3 The term 'Arahant' in the Pali Canon
The Sangha and a Republic
5 Getting a balance of people in communities
6 Rejoicing in and welcoming differences of temperament
8 The importance of cultural activities
9 Shrines/'Caityas'
10 Honouring and esteeming elders
11 Conditions of the Stability of the Order
12 Assembling repeatedly an in large numbers
15 Unity in diversity
Introducing "no revolutionary ordinance"
No change just for the sake of change
17 Revering 'fathers of the Order'
Spiritual maturity
19 The 'Forest Life'
The solitary retreat as an important FWBO institution
21 Having a resistance to new members joining the spiritual community
22 The 'go-getting', primitive energy of many young people
24 Not delighting in (worldly) activities
25 Addiction and addictive relationships
27 Addictive qualities such as romantic attachment and obsession with work being
regarded by society as admirable qualities
Dealing with one's own addictions
28 Being conditioned into thinking ill of oneself
Valuing oneself
30 The Buddha saw no good in suffering at all for its own sake. It is not a way of
expiating sins!
31 Gossip
Not indulging in sleep
33 'Early birds' and 'Late birds' as regard sleep patterns
35 'Not delighting in company'. Gregariousness
The place of a social life in a spiritual life
Relating all one's activities to the Dharma
38 Sport and spectator sport
41 Not to be slaves to one's evil desires (unskilfulness)
Men and women of evil ways - possibly old friends, parents, workmates etc.
43 "This side of stream-entry, if you're not going forward, you're sure to be going back"
44 'Faithful' within the context of spiritual life
'Faith' and 'Faithfulness'
46 Modesty, conscientiousness
47 "Wide knowledge, ardent energy, and full of wisdom"
The seven bojjhangas/bodhiangas - limbs/factors of Enlightenment
The fourfold mindfulness
48 Having different minds, selves or souls in one body
49 Dhamma-vicaya- investigation of mental states
Virya - energy
50 Piti/Priti
Samadhi and Upekkha/Upeksa
Accepting responsibility for one's own actions
54 Would going to encounter groups help practising Buddhists?
55 Suppressing positive emotion as well as negative emotion
56 Losing one's mindfulness/caution when very happy and jubilant - parties, success -
57 Balancing high energy and mindfulness on retreats
59 Having a real perception of impermanence
61 Samatha and vipassana
Flashes of insight into impermanence, not necessarily during meditation
64 Playing the music of impermanence to the devas on the Wheel of Life
New Zealand as a devaloka
Viewing different countries in terms of the realms of the Wheel of Life
66 Anatta
68 The heresy of identifying the self with the body or the mind
69 Losing one's sensitivity to nature in the modern West
70 Balancing the intellect and the emotions
71 Subha and Asubha
The decomposition of a corpse meditation
74 'The perception of besetting dangers' - things which lead to suffering
"The world is dangerous because it's full of maras"
75 There has been no real resistance to the FWBO in the West - yet.
80 Three types of escapism
81 Passionlessness
82 Explaining 'Nirvana' to newcomers
83 Insight as a condition of the stability of the spiritual community
85 Kindly deeds, kindly words and kindly thoughts
Keeping friendships in good repair
86 Not neglecting a member of the spiritual community who is sick
87 Sharing whatever accrues to you
88 Common ownership and the common purse
90 Living without money
94 Claiming the dole and conventional morality
97 'Practices which set one free'
98 Introducing 'variations' in meditation and in the puja
100 Misusing pujas in a psychological way - to get things off one's chest by loud chanting,
for instance
101 Micchaditthis
The micchaditthi of equality in the FWBO
102 Bhante's list of micchaditthis in the FWBO
103 Having no secrets from one's spiritual friends
104 The 'X' factor ie the 'Sex' factor
105 Openness in communities

download whole text as a pdf