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Contents of Precepts of the Gurus - 2nd Seminar

by Sangharakshita

... in shrine rooms
136-137The Padmasambhava mantra and invocation
Keeping Padmasambhava out of the public eye
137-138Avoiding yab-yum imagery in public places
139Discontinuing the use of oriental images in the west
140Festivals as devotional practices
141Bhante's feelings of inspiration from the life of the Buddha
142-144Reading out loud and people's difficulties doing it - reading in a monotone, reading
out words which are not there
144(9) Retain such disciples as are firm in faith, meek in spirit and who appear to be
favoured in karma in their quest for divine wisdom.
146Being 'favoured by karma'
147Bhante's suspicions of recognising some incarnate young lamas
148Bhante's contact with Tomo Geshe Rimpoche
148-152Giving children love, affection and care
The education of children
Steiner schools
150Serfdom, slavery and poverty in Tibet?
152-154Not agreeing that Buddhists ought to do things (like helping the sick etc.)
154(10) Constantly maintain alertness of consciousness in walking, in sitting, in eating, and
in sleeping.
155Alienated awareness in the West
156Bodhisattvas being reborn
156-157Irreversible Bodhisattvas and novice Bodhisattvas
157Theravadins practising the Mahayana path/having Mahayana attitudes and vice-versa
157-161Sex as a way of contacting one's body?
159Sexual experience having been polluted with guilt by Christianity
Getting things in their proper perspective
162Society being based on power
162-165The spiritual community as a positive group

165Awareness in sleeping
166Maintaining consciousness through the dream state
167Catching up on lost sleep
168Awareness through the sleep state of other levels or even dimensions of consciousness
169-170Other terms rather than 'mindfulness'
171The Ten Things to be Avoided
(1) Avoid a guru whose heart is set on acquiring worldly fame and possessions.
172Groups require leaders
Bob Dylan as a 'guru'
173The artistic temperament
The Shaman, the medium, the Tibetan Oracle
175Van Gogh, Rimbaud, Rilke.
Artistic transformation
177Writing poetry
178The great painter educates one in how to see
179Art - the way you interact with your environment
180A 'bad' work of art
The family as the creative medium for the ordinary person
181(2) Avoid friends and followers who are detrimental to thy peace of mind and spiritual
181-183Friends and relations who are detrimental to one's peace of mind
183Followers who are detrimental to one's peace of mind
183-186Projecting a negative father figure image onto certain Order members
186Pseudo equality
18718th Century rationalism Equality and egalitarianism
187-188Why redefine an existing term rather than using another one?
The inappropriateness of using the term 'equal' when referring to human beings
Egalitarianism amounts to a denial of individuality
189(3) Avoid hermitages and places of abode where there happen to be many persons who
annoy and distract you.
The optimum number of people for a community
190-191'Difficult' people ('hangers-on', 'passengers') in communities (and co-operative
192'Be very careful about being compassionate'.
195(4) Avoid gaining thy livelihood by means of deceit and theft.
The advertising industry
197Myths and the need for a myth
198-199The women's liberation myth of Woman's oppression by Man,
The anti semitic myth - The Protocols of the Elders of Zion
200The main myth of Christianity
"Bad myths", "false myths"
Wanting to accept myths as historic fact
201In Buddhism the myths developed from the facts whereas Christianity was myth from the
202The myth of the female pope - Pope Joan
203The myth of the Aquarian Age
203-204The myth of the Anti-Christ
204Scientific discoveries being blasphemous
Myth, legend, image and ideal
205Enlisting the co-operation of the irrational in our spiritual lives
206-207Understanding the lower and the higher evolution
Evolution, progress and development
208-209The ethics of charging money for services/goods
Guilt feelings about handling money

210-211Wrong or deceitful livelihood
212Myths and legends
213(5) Avoid such actions as harm thy mind and impede thy spiritual development.
214Changing one's ideals or changing one's perception of them?
215(6) Avoid such acts of levity and thoughtlessness as lower thee in another's esteem.
Levity and gravity
217Esteem and being esteemed
218Being over familiar with people and not allowing time for friendship to develop
219-220Men not giving up their male friends after marriage and vice-versa
221Informality and pseudo informality Being cool
223(7) Avoid useless conduct and actions.
Room for leeway on some retreats, for example playing football
223-224Are retreats intensive enough?
225The uselessness of argument as opposed to discussion
226Moaning and gossiping
Pseudo philosophy
227Talking at mealtime on retreats. Silent meals
227-228Being deliberately presented with insoluble personal problems by people as a way of
defeating others
228-229The uselessness of arguments Avoiding and getting out of arguments
231Useless speech and unskilful action
232-233Turning arguments into discussions
In addictive relationships really fighting and making love are two sides of the same coin
233Argumentativeness in the spiritual community is a neurotic luxury that one cannot afford!
234Organised debates in the Friends
235(8) Avoid concealing thine own faults, and speaking loudly of those of others.
To the extent that we open up we are invulnerable (to manipulation)
237We conceal our positive aspects as well as our faults
238Problem orientation
239-240What is shyness?
242Blushing, shame, Hrih and Amitabha
Bashfulness Modesty
243-244Archaic social conventions?
245Searching for moral values
The phenomenon of French intellectuals
246The FWBO contacting other Buddhist groups and others generally through individuals
247Do people in the FWBO need the words Buddhism and Buddhist?
248"FWBO-ism" Project FWBO first, Buddhism next and religion last of all.
249Back to modesty and bashfulness
249-250The perfect confession is guilt free
251Helping each other to see one's 'blind spots'
252(9) Avoid such food and habits as disagree with thy health.
Giving oneself 'pleasure' can mean that one doesn't love oneself
Habitual smoking
253Contentment as an aspect of self-love
254Smoking in public places
255Extinction of animal species, over farming the land, destruction of forests - Ecological
256-257Charities cannot be pressure groups
258Overindulgence in patent medicines
Side effects of drugs - thalidomide, the pill

259Dangerous driving, especially by men
260Physical exercise is not unspiritual!
261-262Getting enough sleep
262-266Early birds and late birds - natural rhythms
267A healthy regime and unhealthy rigidity
268What is pleasure?
What is hedonism?
269-270The advantages of nudity/nakedness
272Unhealthy physicality
273Mindfulness and pleasure
Happiness which can be independent of pleasure
274The innocence of the physical senses according to Blake and the Vajrayana
275The mind corrupts the senses, not the senses the mind
Eradicate craving, not pleasure
Happiness - the freedom to be yourself and realise yourself in thought, word and deed
276A Buddha as the most individual individual
A sensuous person
277The six sense offerings
279Excluding sex from the pleasures
The effects of climate
280-281Sexual instinct, the erotic and reproduction
Does homosexuality deflect natural instincts?
281Searching for emotional and psychological completion through sex
282Infantilism in sexual relationships
285Promiscuity, monogamy and sexual relationships
Being careful of cultivating exclusive relationships of any kind
286Three lifestyles:- monogamy, celibacy or promiscuity
287Esteem in relationships
289Polygamy in Buddhism
Mixing up emotion and sex
290 'Greek love' - Does it have a role in the FWBO?
291Angels and the angelic
292Men and women maturing at different ages
293-297Physical beauty and beauty of character
The possibility of family-type communities
298Plato - attractions between similars and attractions between opposites (in human
298-299Are homosexuals on a higher plane of spiritual development?
300'Seraphic instinct' - Oscar Wilde and Lord Alfred Douglas
301Oppressive architecture in the ancient Roman world
The origins of homosexuality - single sex situations - the army and the church
302The Greeks and slavery. Why Victorian writers were so productive - they had servants!
Public condemnation of homosexuality - due to Christianity
303Attitudes towards homosexuality in India
Family planning in India ...

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