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Contents of Pali Canon - Vasala Sutta 1982

by Sangharakshita

The Vasala Sutta Seminar

Page Subject
1 History of the Vasala Sutta
2 Introduction, setting the scene
7 The beginning of the teaching
The importance of understanding the meaning of a word
17 The evil angry man v.11624 Know him as outcaste too v.11728 The noted brigand who v.11832 v.118 continued. Vegetarianism
33 The man who takes unbid v.11943 Who debt incurs, and pressed v.12047 Who, coveting some grand v.12151 Know him as outcaste too v.12254 And he who's seen about v.12364 Who, being rich, supports v.12473 And he who parents strikes v.12577 Who, asked about the goal v.12682 Who doing evil deeds v.12788 Who goes to other's house v.12891 Who with false words deceives v.12995 Who Brahmin or recluse v.130101 Know him as outcaste too v.131107 And who exalts himself v.132108 The mean and quarrelsome v.133110 He who reviles the wake v.134111 Who is no man of worth v.135112 No outcaste is by birth v.136113 Then know it too by this v.137114 Bhante reads the last five verses v.138 - 142Bhante reads the final prose
115 End of seminar.
Summary In the Vasala Sutta the Buddha takes a Brahmin to task for using the word 'Vasala'
without having clear and definite idea of its meaning. In doing so he illustrates the precepts.
This was a short weekend seminar and Bhante sticks closely to the verses of the Sutta.

download whole text as a pdf