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Contents of Pali Canon - Ratana Sutta

by Sangharakshita


1 Introduction - Sutta Nipata
2-7 Verse 1. Calling all beings
7-9 Verse 2. Seeing everything as alive
9-14 Setting up goodwill with the rest of the universe
12-14 Offerings to the Buddha. Stealing the perfume
15-16 Verse 3. The Buddha is the Jewel
16-18 The power of truth
18 Other worlds
19 The reading of verse 4.
20 Verse 4. Cessation
21-22 Verse 5. Deathlessness.
22-25 Preparation for meditation
The Dharma as growth.
25-34 Verse 6. The eight individuals, the Four pairs
27-32 The first three fetters
32-34 Customs of accruing merit
34-62 Verse 7. Sasana
The individual and choice
38-62 (Needs and greeds!)
45-49 Passion is passive, happiness is active
50-59 Seeing the needs of the objective situation Personal needs
59-62 Taking responsibility
63-75 Verse 8. Imperturbability
65-74 The Buddha's experiencing bodily suffering Sense consciousness is not unskilful
Developing insight -dhyana
74-75 Doctrine follower, faith follower
75-82 Verse 9. Stream Entry and rebirth
77-78 The fetters and the seven rebirths
79-80 Reactivity and Creativity
81-82 Leading a structured life
82-89 Verse 10. The indulgence of rights and ceremonies The need for transcendental
sanctions within the group
85-86 Contrasts in social and domestic life - India and England
89-91 The four states of misery and the six crimes
91-95 Verse 11. Openness within the spiritual community
95-101 Verse 12. The spontaneous blossoming of the Dharma The sheer excellence of the
Communicating the Dharma
101-103 Verse 13. After insight - creativity
103-106 Leaving the past behind
106-107 The seeds of existence
108-111 Chanting used as spells and charms
111-114 Bhante's views on marriages and blessings
114-122 Challenging people's assumptions
122-123 General comments.

download whole text as a pdf