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Contents of Pali Canon - Meghiya Sutta

by Sangharakshita

"Meghiya" Sutta Seminar (Unedited)

1-3 Introduction
4-8 Communication
8-14 The Mango Grove and Meghiya's needs
11-14 Walking meditation
14-19 Meghiya's request and the Buddha's reply
The Importance of the Buddha's attendant
19-22 A sense of one self-worth
22-26 Meghiya's second request and the Buddha's reply
Meghiya questioning the Buddha's awareness
Meghiya's over literal approach
28-30 Unskilful states in the Mango Grove
33-36 The Buddha's levels of concentration
36-37 Levels of consciousness and postures of the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas
37-38 Washing the slate clean
39-41 Puja, emotional, creative and archetypal
43-68 The Immature Heart and five things that conduce to its maturity
43-49 1) Spiritual Friendship
50-55 II) A monk is virtuous, ethical
55-59 III) Discussion
59-62 IV) Resolute in energy, meditation
61 Continuous mantra recitation
62-65 V) Insight
66-68 Everything follows from spiritual friendship
68-73 The importance of Right Effort
Asubha Bhavana
73-74 History of Udana
74-77 "Thoughts trite and subtle..."
Dangerous states of elation
Bhante's adventures at Yale
78-81 General points on the Meghiya Sutta
79 Ananda's memory.

download whole text as a pdf