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Contents of Pali Canon - Last Vandana

by Sangharakshita

The Last Vandana

1 Introduction and reasons for studying the Vandana.
2/3 English translation. Sources of the verses.
3/6 Sabbapapassa akaranam. The meaning of sin'.
6/7 'Kusalassa upasampada' , 'Sacitta pariyodapanam '
7/8 'Etam Buddhana sasanam.
8 'Dhammam sucaritam care'.
9/10 'Dhammacari sukham seti'. Usage of 'carya and 'Brahma'.
10/14 'Asmim loke paramhi ca' 'Dhammacari' - why the term is used in the Order.
'Dhammacari' compared with other terms in use in the East.
15/16 Clarification of structure of verses.
17/18 Zen 'monks' - Ordination in the Buddhist world. The recognition of FWBO and other
ordinations in the Buddhist world.
19/20 'Na tavata dhammadharo'. Comparing Dhammadhara and Dhammacari.
20/21 'Yo ca appam pi sitvana'.
21/22 'Sa ve dhammadharo hoti' , 'Yo dhammam nappamajjati' ' incorrect chanting of
Vandana in the FWBO (Hoti-yo)
22/23 'N'atthi me saranam annam' etc., and the three salutations.
23/27 Chanting the Vandana at the end of pujas - discussion on its appropriateness at that
28/29 Music and songs in pujas.
30/31 Music and songs - church music.
32/33 Music and songs - audience participation - the new FWBO shrine-room seating
34 Emotion in pujas.
35 Special pujas - subjective offerings.
35/36 'Communication' in pujas.
37 Puja as a 'collective' act.
38 Comparing meditation and puja done on one s own with meditation and puja done
39 Choosing readings and poems - Dharmic and non-Dharmic.
40 Personal attributions in pujas - anonymity. Eating meals as a liturgical act.
41 The Last Vandana in Pali.

download whole text as a pdf