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Contents of Pali Canon - Dhammapada Chapter Nine - On Evil

by Sangharakshita

Dhammapada Chapter.9. The Section on Evil:
116 Kalyana - beauty
1Moral beauty
2-15Being quick to act on noble impulses
3The tendency towards evil
Delight in evil
6Delight in good
7Beautiful embodiments of ethics
13-15117 Making habits
15-22118 17119 Actions having consequences
22-28121 Ignoring the implications of accumulated actions
28122 Inspiration of recognizing results of good actions
30Remembering good/bad times - a diary
33Appreciation of people's progress in changing
34of facilities at one's disposal - leisure
35-39123 Being watchful for the unexpected
39124 "Going beyond good and evil ?"
42Being in control of your mental states
43-51125 The consequences of evil action
Entertainment and humour
55126 Results of actions
58Conditionality of the Incomposite
59-60127 Inexorability of Law of Karma
61128 Escaping death ?
63Dream analysis
68Origin of Dhammapada, merits of different translations
71School visits
75 ...

download whole text as a pdf