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Transcribing the oral tradition...

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Contents of Pali Canon - Ariyapariyesana Sutta

by Sangharakshita

The Aryapariyesana Sutta
1/2 Ananda
3 The monks ask Ananda If the Buddha will teach - personal contact
4 The Buddha's normal day
5 Talking about 'Dhamma'
6 Going forth in ancient India. - Only two things should be done when the monks are
together; talk about Dhamma or the Aryan silence.
7/8 What is 'home'?
9 The Aryan quest or the unaryan quest
10/12 Spiritual elitism
13/14 Seeing through external 'trappings'. "To be a Buddhist is not enough"
15 Kirkegaard's 'attack on Christendom'. The Buddhist establishment.
16 Appropriation of things
17 The role of the son in Indian families
18/19 Being enslaved and infatuated by possessions
20 Non-materialistic unsophisticated people. The development of the Abhidharma.
21 The 'peril' of birth
22 'Freedom'
23 What is a hero? Reactive and creative responses.
24/27 A flash of insight. Seeing and then acting
28 The Buddha's age when he went forth
28/9 Dress and manners.
30 Hippies. What are 'roles'?
31 Performing your own funeral when going forth as part of the Hindu tradition.
32 Bhikkhus outside the law
33 The Brahmacarya. The Dhammavinaya.
34 The plane Of no-thing
35 Later formulations inserted into the text
36 The Buddha's self-confidence. Courtesy in the spiritual life
37 Searching for even higher states
38 Thinking that you are enlightened. Constant progressions
39 The Buddha meets his next teacher. The plane of neither perception nor
40 The Buddha goes to Bodh-gaya
41 Learning texts by heart
41/42 The Buddha attains Nirvana
43 The difficulty of teaching sublime truths
44 How can a Buddha be annoyed? (vexed)
45 Enlightenment as a gradual process - Who is Brahmasahumpati?
46 The path of vision and the path of transformation. Conditioned co-production.
47/9 People's expectations of Buddhas. the Buddha is human.
50/51 Inaccurate representations in Buddhist art - Ideal representations
52/53 Life and growth. The Dhamma goes against the grain
54 Vision permeating all aspects of the personality. Baring the shoulder.
55 The colour of the Buddha's robe.
56/58 Who to teach first. Remembering old friends
59/60 False modesty. The Buddha is not recognized by Upaka
61/6 The Buddha meets the five ascetics
64 One's attitude to pleasurable sensations
65 Being able to see the 'peril' in things
66 Enjoying food and pleasures generally
67 The three kinds of spiritual aspirants
68 Summation of the Sutta
69 Ambiguity surrounding 'enjoyment'. Joy is essential
70 What is Mara?
71 The energy of the sutta
72 The Buddha's dreams
73/74 Buddhist scholars not in touch with Buddhism. 'Orthodoxy'
74/75 Learning Pali.

download whole text as a pdf