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Contents of Pali Canon - Alavaga Sutta

by Sangharakshita

Alavaga Sutta

1-2/6 The framework of the sutta, Hare's translation
1/5 What are Yakkhas ?
3 Ways of dealing with other people
4-6 Ways of asking questions
Saddha/Faith, "wealth here best for man'
8-9 "Dhamma pursued brings happiness"
8-9 Marriage as analogy to following Dhamma
10-11 "Truth is sweet"
11 Mundane and Transcendental incorporation
12-13 Consequences of a lack of faith
12-15 Developing faith and its importance
15 Use of word Arhant
16-21 Fame
17 Hiri
19-21 The power of speaking the truth
21-23 Giving strengthens friendship
23 The way to heaven
24 Interpenetrability of virtues/vices
24 Gain and fruit; atta and punya
24 Meaning of Dharma
24-30 Speaking the Truth

download whole text as a pdf