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Contents of Nanamoli-s Life of the Buddha - Chapters 4 and 11 Tuscany 1986

by Sangharakshita

Tuscany Ordination Course 1986 Questions and Answers on:

Nanamoli's "Life of the Buddha"
CHAPTER 41Nanamoli - monk and scholar
2Differing ages of the original material
2/4The letter or the spirit of the teaching
4/5Worldly wisdom in the spiritual life
5/6Going for Refuge in other sanghas
6Bhante meets Bhagvan!
7/11The Arhant and the household life
The Arhant and 'pleasurable sensations'
11/14 Reflecting on and exploring ones spiritual experiences
14Stream Entry and the weight of conditioning
14/16 "The Law is well proclaimed"
Developments in handing down the tradition
16"...... independent of others is the Teacher's dispensation"
17Stream Entrants in the WBO
17/18 Traditional Triad - dana, sila, bhavana
Rahula and the Going Forth
19/21 Suitability for teaching the Dharma
The sixty Arhants sent forth to teach the Law
New Order members and classes
21/22 Yasa as the Buddha's attendant
22/23 'Go Two together' - differing translations
23Meals in silence
23/30 Allowing space for thought in decision making
Worldly wisdom in managerial skills
Using one's initiative and common sense
30/41 Verses - Mara and the Buddha
The four Maras
Mara in our everyday experience
32/33 Bhante's own experience of Mara
Meditation and Mara
34The Mara period of the day
35/38 Mara and Satan
38/41 The power of Mara
Evil and fear
41/42 "The shackle in the air that has its hold upon the mind"
42The custom of shaving ones hair and beard
42/43 Ordered attention and ordered effort
44/48 "Seeking for oneself" - looking within
Allegorical interpretations
48/51 The Naga Serpent in the Fire worshippers tradition
Sacred fires and offerings
51/53 Mara
53/56 Demonic possession
57/58 Mara as the shadow in the Jungian sense
58/62 Moral Evil in Buddhism
60/61 Black magic cults - challenging evil
62/69 Rational and irrational guilt
Being held to account
67/69 Fear and Evil
69/71 Gradual or direct - teaching the Dharma
Positive and negative terms
72Transforming evil
72/73 A quantum of negativity
73/74 The devas in the kamaloka
The hierarchy of existence
74/75 Neutral feeling
76/78 Delight in a person's potential
78/79 Rewards promised for sacrifice
79/81 Positive and negative symbolism
Fire and transformation
81Symbolism of the washing of hands
82/84 Expansion of religious movements
FWBO expansion - Order members
84/92 Expanding the Order
Kalyana Mitrata
Distractions rather than depth
92/94 Taking for granted
CHAPTER 111Giving, control and restraint
1/3Ceto Vimutti and panna vimutti
4/5Was the Buddha a human as we are?
5/7The origin of the 32 marks of a great man
6The thousand spoked wheel
The Buddha and Hercules
7/8The Buddha - Adityabandhu
8/9The Buddha continuing a tradition
9The problems of the pratyeka Buddhas
10/15 The Buddha and omniscience
Past and future knowledge
12Predictions or logical consequences
13Adolescence and unusual faculties
13/15 Thinking in wholes
15/16 "Preaching the law on my personal account"
16/17 Seclusion - viveka
17/18 Hindu culture and the prediction of the Buddha
18/21 The size of the Buddha's robe and other legends
21/23 The Buddha's character and details
24The Four Defects and permanent expulsion from the Order
24/32 Breaches of the precepts and confession
25/26 In the Theravadin tradition
26/27 In the FWBO
27/28 The spiritual state of Ananda
29Confession and the group
30The story of the monk and the executioner
32/34 Suicide and the Arhants
Sacrificing one's body for the Dharma
33/35 Suicide as a social protest
Setting an example
35/38 The effect of sex on mental energy
36/37 Kings and virility
38/43 Visionary experiences and their communication
The Buddha seeing Mara as a black cloud
43Representations of the four Maras
43/45 "Dark and bright counterparts"
45/46 "Vision of unhindered knowledge"

download whole text as a pdf