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Contents of Milarepa - The Yak Horn - Unchecked

by Sangharakshita

DISCLAIMER - This transcript has not been checked, and may contain mistakes and mishearings.


Held at Padmaloka, November 1980.
1Milarepa's vision of Rechungpa's pride
Vision defined
2/5Rechungpa confuses knowledge with wisdom
Rechungpa's concern with his statue
6Pseudo-equality. Elitism
6/8Milarepa wonders at the cause
8Rechungpa's split personality
9/12Psychological or spiritual problem
Needing a spiritual ideal
12/39 Milarepa answers Rechungpa in song
12/15 The Mandala - Enlightenment in ascetic terms
15A healthy body
15/19 Klesas - the five poisons and hindrances
17The asravas
The emotional and intellectual aspects of the klesas
20/23 An existential ease
The painful state of turmoil
A fondness for diversion
23/25 "No-man's land". Living in solitude
25/30 "Embittered family life"
27We are much more free than we think
28A point of freedom - taking a spiritual step
29Impotence breeds resentment
30/31 "No need for books1,
31"Shame of heart"
32/33 "The saliva-splashing debate" - hypocrisy
32/34 "Living without forethought" - neurotic planning
34/35 "Wanting not fame or glory"
35"To realise samsara and Nirvana"
"Has your mind been sharpened and refreshed.. ."
Singing - communication
37Pride, egotism and altruism
38/39 Egoistic or self-confident
40/41 "Obeying my Guru"... Rechungpa twisting the facts
41/43 Rechungpa presuming to teach Milarepa
Superficial experience
42/43 Mothers and dakinis - hidden teachings
44/65 Milarepa's reproof
45"Villains tend to slay
"Knowing one's limit....
46Any old practice will do!
48/50 Disturbing the dakinis
Discussing ones's spiritual experiences
The quality of communication
50/52 Setting up the right conditions for communication
52/55 The criteria for real communication
Study groups and communication
55/57 "Your pride will lead you astray"
"To preach a lot with empty words"
57"To be swollen with pride..."
Disobedience of the Guru
58/59 Going to meditate in solitude
59/61 Renouncing one's kin
61Hiri and Ottappa - shame and conscience
62/63 Violating the rules - honouring commitment
64/65 "If you agree with what I say
Coercion and individuality
65"I am an old man fearing death"
66/70 Rechungpa beseeches Milarepa's understanding
68Trying to teach one's teacher!
69Investing oneself with importance
70Thinking of the Dharmas as external
Rejoicing in merits - appreciation
71Are the tantric teachings of use to the FWBO
72The meaning of initiation
Beware of mystifying the Vajrayana
73There's no such thing as a spiritual community - labels
74/76 The dharma as experienced - meditation
76Reading Milarepa's song
77/81 "maintaining harmony with people"
79The first precept - a gradation in seriousness
81/88 Vertical and horizontal relationships
88/91 Solitude and great artists - positive and negative effects
91/92 Pindar - poet of Ancient Greece
92/94 "Maintain harmony with your father"
"Repay your mother' s kindness "
94Being on good terms with one's spiritual brothers
94/95 "To be humble is to succeed"
95/96 Conquering all bad dispositions - Insight
96/97 Samatha and vipassana practices
"Kindness is the toleration of slanders"
97Doing away with pretence and concealment
100The Formless Dakini Dharmas do not mean too much
Intellectual understanding and practice
103Projecting the spiritual life onto others
104Your spiritual friend has your interests at heart
105Meditate in solitude - integration
The mandala of one's lifestyle
108Marriages and projections
110The Path and the Palace - symbols
111Rechungpa's infidelity to Milarepa
The Vajrayana attitude to pleasure
Pleasure and craving - Insight
116Collecting the Yak Horn
117Milarepa shelters in the Yak Horn
Beyond space and time
119Spiritual practice and the transformation of the physical body
121The miraculous body and the five-coloured Buddhist flag
123The “Grace of my Guru”"
124The speech principle transformed
124Milarepa reprooves Rechungpa for his infidelity
Spiritual stability
129Spiritually gifted
130"If one's mind can master the domain of space"
133Rechungpa begins to learn his lesson
134View, practice, action and accomplishment
135The encounter with the fierce old woman
138The song of Transiency and Delusion
“Conquering the demon of laziness”
140The ephemeral dream of life
Emptiness and despair
142Disgruntlement or disillusionment
143“The pleasure-yearning human body is an ungrateful creditor”
145Errant thoughts
146Comments on the day's study
Ecclesiastical success and spiritual attainment
149The clinging mind
150Refuge - sarana, sharana
151The precariousness of human life
153"To be close to wicked kinsmen causes hatred"
153"Friends and companions appear as passers-by"
154"A rich man seldom enjoys his wealth"
155"Open the treasury within your mind"
The growth movement
157The deliverance of the old woman's soul to the Dharmadatu
159Rechungpa relates his meditation experiences
160"Numerous thoughts... ."
". . an experience like a sharp knife"
161Inner and outer deceptions
161"I felt as if I was a radiant lamp"
The fourth dhyana and insight
170"Predominating and surpassing all others in the world"
The intoxication of a positive experience
171"..I have conquered the fearful expanse of sea"
172"..an immaculate lotus standing above all filth and mud"
"..rolling mercury. . ."
173" I felt as if I were the Jetsun Mila1,
"Resting one's mind at ease" - the Mahamudra practice
Real relaxation
175Milarepa1s comments on Rechungpa's experience
176 "When the great compassion arose" - Compassion and Insight
The five imprisoned Three Realms
180 Motives for leadership
Helping others and self development
184 Ways of doubling the Order every two years
186 "The dissolving of salt into water"
187"I was awakened from both the main and ensuing Samadhis"
Prolonging dhyana states
189"When one secures the great bliss through viewing..."
The Maha-Sukkha
In terms of Dharmas
191"The shining Wisdom of Reality" - knowledge of the Dharmadatu
The Mandala of the Five Buddhas
196The importance of the Mandala of the Dhyani Buddhas and its complexity
198The central figure
198Personal response to one of the Buddhas
198".. illumines all like the cloudless sky"
199"...as in a silvered mirror"
200"When the alaya consciousness dissolves into the Dharmakaya"
The eight vijnanas and transformation
203 Metaphorical language
The language of potentiality
205Alienation - emotions and energy
212"When the rope of clinging is cut loose"
213"When I act without taking or leaving1,
214"I feel as if I were a lion"
215The illuminating Voidness, Wisdom and Manifestations
216"The string of mind and skandhas. ."
"Having fully utilised the human form"
217Energy - acknowledgement and expression
Paranoia, aggression
224The song of the six sufficiencies
224Reaching a point of exhaustion
Willed effort
227"One's awn body suffices as a temple"
The chakras
228"All things are symbols of the Liberation Path"
229Dumo - Heat meditation
229Meditation will supply all your needs
Don' t do less than you really can
Advice from a spiritual friend
233False sympathy
236"To talk with honesty and straightforwardness"
237Rechungpa's song " The Eight Needs"
237 Stretching the disciple
237 "We need a place for cover and sleep"
Meditating in the open air
Meditating independent of conditions
244We need teachers and sutras
246 "On food this delusory body must live"
248 "Something to cover the body is necessary"
Shame and disgrace of nakedness
250 Support and aid from one's friends
251 Protection from one's enemies
252 Pathalogical hatred
Capital punishment and politics
253The three yanas differing attitudes to taking life
254 In the event of violence against the WBO
256 ...

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