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Contents of Milarepa - Rechungpa-s Repentance - Unchecked

by Sangharakshita

DISCLAIMER - This transcript has not been checked, and may contain mistakes and mishearings.

Funny numbering in this seminar - when checking scan give original plus sequential number
in square brackets.
The Hundred thousand Songs of Milarepa:

Rechungpa’s Repentance
Text Seminar
Page Page
4421Rechungpa 's wish to stay in Drin.
2Rechungpa watching the goats and immersion in the play of Samsara.
5Milarepa examines Rechunpa's books.
4435The masterful goat.
7Rechungpa discovers his burnt books.
8Getting rid of modern-day attachments.
11"I thought you were dead~'.
14- 26Rechunpa 's reativity and frustration of self-will.
27The need for enjoyment and fascination.
29- 36Milarepa's first "wondrous vision".
44437The continuity of Milarepa's relationship with Rechungpa.
38Faith in visulaization.
40Mialrepa's supreme enlightenment.
42The keyes and channels
46Mantric syllables
44550- 54The depth of Rechungpa's resentment.
55Milarepa's 2nd transformation and the Psychic centres.
56"Devoid of self-nature" - operational concepts in approaching
The Absolute.
61Milarepa's 2nd song.
63General and specific transformation.
65The throat cakra and tantric systems of correlations.
66 -112Punya and jnana.
112-115Result of overemphasis/lopsidedess.
119-130Integretion,imitation and motivation.
131Resentment and frustration.
446138Milarepa's miracles.
68 -
Impediments to Enlightenment.
76 -
Emotional blackmail,guilt and Christianity.
87 - 91"All manifestations are books".
94 -
Fulfillment of wishes and enjoyment of spiritual life.
97 -112Going out with the Dharma and Co-ops.
448112-116Milarepa's 5th and 6th songs.
Magical illusions and relative reality.
The "time of defilement".
Relativity of Time, predictions and fatalism.
"loosing your mind" - attachment.
The mind and senility.
142the need for inner change and pliability.
Rechungpa's desire for pleasure - pleasure, pleasure-craving.
162Comfort, sleep, week-ends.
162-174Language of potentiality and self-knowledge
174Awareness of death.
177Basis of Rechungpa's wrong ideas - Ideas and attitudes.
183-188Rational and irrational attitudes.
189Discipline in the spiritual life.
451193-281Rechungpa's change of heart - Mixtures of Infantile /adult,
Skilful/unskilful etc
198Supernormal powers, attributes of Samatha.
202-206Milarepa's emanations - Communicating with and seeing a guru 's
real significance.
206Rechunpa's 1st song. - Father-son relationship
288-217Exhibition of emotion in Tibetan and other Schools of Buddhism.
218Intention and means of attainment.
452220Milarepa's 7th song
221Learning, study "in order to practise"
Right understanding, Vision and Practice.
225Using ancient and modern languages - Mantras.
229-234Dakinis, Emanations.
234-238Sitting at ease and Mahamudra
453238-255The difference between a Buddha and a Guru.
255-267Prayer, God, Ground of Being and Ultimate Reality.
Passivity/Activity. Receptivity, reporting in minutes.
289-309Feelings and rational argument.
310"How to win a dispute" - Distracted thinking.
317Mirror of Equality end concealed vices.
327-329Greek gods and myths.
331Milarepa's last song
334-342Gurus, tantric acts, attainments and unconventional activity.
343The need for symbols

download whole text as a pdf