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Contents of Milarepa - Rechungpa-s Journey to Weu

by Sangharakshita

... ... in the FWBO"
153Culture can be religion's greatest friend and its greatest enemy
155Young women visiting monasteries looking for husbands

156Genuine lay Buddhists are very rare
157Monks not working but being supported by the lay community
157-158Born Buddhists?
160Is sex the most important thing for many people? - The X-Factor
161Getting used to Buddhism but not practising it
161Tantric trinkets and paraphernalia
162Being dependent on lay people and its undesirability
164Coming into contact with non-Buddhists to try to get them onto the path of individual development, rather than relying upon them as donors
165The Song of Fourfold Warning
Doing meritorious deeds for the sake of fame
Giving in order to get
167Sacramental feasts becoming just parties
The growth of the Vajrayana
169Tantric initiations being given out indiscriminately in the West to people who have not Gone for Refuge
170Love of preaching without the backing of scripture
171Automatic prostrating before bhikkhus - not in the FWBO!
Showing respect to an individual, not to a robe
172The difficulty of getting to know another human being
Behaving like a Dharma practicer just to gather money
173Preferring diversions to solitude
174Talking for long periods without saying anything!
175Tibetan lamas with wives and families
Lamas and their dakinis/consorts
176Milarepa sings again
177Hungry ghosts
178Projections and paranoia
The difficulties of being a god or a preta
179Good looking monks attracting the laity (to the Dharma!)
180Keeping the Dharma predominant in various relationships
182-184Milarepa's song wishing prosperity and boon
185The Four Continents of the Buddhist World System
Developing mettā towards rocks and stones?
Rapidly working through the song
187Buddhist cosmology and Mount Meru
188The distinction between knowledge and being/experience
Wanting to know all of the theory before you begin to practice!

190The need for some Dharma study to combat micchaditthis (wrong views)
General emphases from this chapter of the Songs of Milarepa
191Bhante's thoughts about the transcribing, editing and distribution of his seminars!!
192Mitrata and FWBO Publications
193Making cassettes of these seminars available
194Mandalas and personal mandalas
195The transcendental - being outside space and time
The limitations of language
196Einstein and space
Back to editing and language
198The written word, tape recordings and video tape
Giving lectures with video tape in mind
199'Luxury' goods - the colour television set?
203The final section of the Chapter
The Stream Entrant - breaking the intellectual fetters
204Having to be careful even after Stream Entry
Being reborn in the hell, preta, animal, god and asura realms
205What exhausts karma?
206What would happen if everybody was a Buddhist?!
207Preparation for giving good Dharma talks
Rechungpa and Gampopa
Living in a metaphorical cave whilst living in the city

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