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Transcribing the oral tradition...

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Contents of Jewel Ornament of Liberation Chapters 14 and 15 - Patience and Strenuousness - Unchecked

by Sangharakshita

DISCLAIMER - This transcript has not been checked, and may contain mistakes and mishearings.


1"Anger destroys the basis of the
good and wholesome."
I 1731Ksanti as the third paramita
2"Anger destroys merit"
4"Anger puts you back onto a level
where there is no. ..spiritual life...
5Positive anger unblocks communication.
6Fury vs. anger
7Making fury into manageable anger
8Rage, malevolence
I 1739 Malevolence, rage and anger defined
10Hatred, ill-will, malevolence compared
11 Anger CAN be-skilful, but never hatred,
rage, malevolence.
12When you're happy, you cannot become angry".
13 The volatile temperament
I 173/414 "An angry person makes a very difficult
companion, friend"...
15Rage and insecurity
16Psychodynamics of infantile rage reaction
18 Educating children and spoiling children
19 Spoilt children to selfish adults
20 The Middle Way in child rearing
21Handling selfish people
22Transforming anger
23Indulging in negat ve states - Mara
17424 "Mara as embodiment of all our unskilful states"
25 forms of Mara
25Being possessed by Mara.
26"When we are impatient, we never attain enlightenment" 17428Avoiding negative tail-spins -
' the assaults of Mara”
29Warning against infantile egotism
30Draining communication
34Warning against indulgence in a rage -
vicarious expressions of power
36"When we have patience, we possess the very
best of the good and wholesome".
17437"Patience is the s preme austerity"
38No need to create artificial situations
to practice virtues.
40Negative connotations of'patience'
41'Patience' as submissiveness.
42Love mode vs. Power mode - in our ordinary
human relations.
43Refined form of power mode in positive group.
44'Unconditioned' love,'.
45Resentment from sub issiveness
46'Doormat' as Ideal wife in Chaucer.
47"He who earnestly overcpmes anger is happy"...
17448 Martyrdom in "Murder in the Cathedral".
50God's will as personal projection of the power mode.
51Christian 'Patience' in power mode

Buddhist Ksanti in Love Mode.
"Stillness, simplicity and contentment"
'Perfection' as perfect adaptability.
55Mechanical friendliness
"Enlightenment is born from patience".
17457Patience as perfect receptivity to reality..."
58Using anger against wrong ideas.
"The essence of patience is to be prepared for

every event".. .
II 17460Fixed ideas as impatience
63Combining intensity and detachment
64Commitment despite impermanence.
66 Insecurity as rigidity
67Patience as spontaneity and openness.
68Rigidity blocks growth.
72preparation through positivity
73Preparedness for answering questions.
74Dealing with questions after lectures.
76Three types of Patience...
III17477Relative and Permanent Patience
78"The Primary Characteristics"
IV 17579Not quarrelling, not retaliating.
80Not insisting
81Disagreeing without insisting
83Skilful disagreeing
84-5Tolerance as rationalization
86Disagreeing with Christians
88Learning to discuss Buddhism intelligently.
89Martin Luther's doubts.
90 "You cannot take your stand unless you know
where you stand".
91Backing up your views.
92Questionable practices in Institutionalized
Tibetan Buddhism.
96Santideva's means of practicing patience
IV 17597Handling people not responsible for their actions.
98Reasons for not retaliating
99"To understand all is to forgive all."
100Belief in Karma and Rebirth as means of
developing patience.
IV 175101Karma as behaviour patterns
102Becoming conscious of the patterns you create.
103Setting up negative and positive behaviour patterns.
104"The danger of settling down into communities
and co-ops in a ... stable, safe situation"
105Creating positive conditions that favour

creativity over reactivity.
106Positive conditions vary from person to person.
107Recognizing your patterns.
108-9A stream entrant has broken through all his patterns.
110One is born with a certain 'gestalt'
111With self-awareness you break your patterns.
112Personality and character.
'Conditioning' as a 'dirty word'.
115Positive conditioning of children
116 People see you differently than you see yourself.
117 People may know your personality -
but not your character.
118 Different personalities for different situations.
119 The character should be dominant.
120 In a 'real Individual' , the personality and character are close.
Actors may lack a character of their own.
122 "The spiritual community helps you to find yourself."
123 Personality should be transparent, rather than opaque.
"everything is the fault of our own disposition." (d) 176125 "his stick and my body"
126 People are very sensitive and touchy (d)
176127 Don't mistake a lion for a pussy-cat.
129 The Buddha experienced pain without
unskilful mental reaction.
131Treading on sore spots with Metta.
132Know the whole person before you criticize.
133 "Faults are faults". (e)
176134 "Faults are what other people have".
135Being hard on yourself.
137Your faults may be virtues and your virtues faults.
"You're beyond good and evil."
142People who do you harm are helping you
to 'atone' . (f)
176143 'Atonement' and 'Guilt' are loaded words.
144Atonement as 'poetic justice'.
145 "Poetic Justice' in a meaningful Universe.
146 "A Karmic safety valve"
147Healthy and unhealthy 'expiation'.
148Christmas Humphreys sees himself as an "instrument of karma"
149There cannot be 'punishment' in a spiritual context.
150Serving on Juries, etc.
151Consistent Order stand necessary regarding serving on juries.
152How is the WBO to be categorized by the ‘group'?
153Karma, not punishment, dishes out just desserts.
154Locking up as 'restraining', not punishing.
155The need to believe in a 'Just Universe .
157A harmful person is a 'benefactor' (g)
176158Gratitude towards an enemy
159Is patience a primary virtue?
160Don't create difficulties, in order to practise patience.
161"opposition is true friendship".
162The friend who functions like an "enemy"
163"The appeasment of beings" (h)
177164"Where emotions are involved, reason has very little chance."
165"Patience. ..to be developed by fostering the
five ideas". (i)
177166A Harmful person may have been our parent etc.
in a previous life.
177167"This harmful person does evil because of
certain conditions."
177169The Theravada practice of breaking down
psycho-physical personality into dharmas,
is not suitable for the West.
170The Skandas sub-divided
172"The dharmas are not things" but living processes.
173It is not proper to kill sentient beings. (iii)
177174Will the human race evolve beyond war?
175Modern Barbarism.
176Disillusionment with human nature.
177"The individual may change - the group doesn't change."
178"the spiritual fellowship of individuals has to infiltrate
the group and influence it more and more."
179The germ of Buddhahood only means "one's nature
is completely open " .
180"Where you get alot of people together,...
it very easily becomes a group".
182Theatre audience more individual than film audience.
186The larger the group you are in - "the less
likely you are to behave as an individual".
189The ...

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