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Transcribing the oral tradition...

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Contents of Jewel Ornament of Liberation Chapter 10 - Training in an Enlightened Attitude

by Sangharakshita

"The Training in an Enlightened Attitude" Seminar CONTENTS Page 1
Sangharakshita in Seminar

Chapter Ten of "The Jewel Ornament of Liberation"

"The Training in an Enlightened Attitude"

[Taken from "The Jewel Ornament of Liberation" by Gampopa
- translated and annotated by Herbert V.Guenther. Published by Rider, London 1959]


1-2First reading of text - the five tasks to complete the training in aspiration.
2-3Consciously excluding just one individual negates one's Bodhisattva-hood if they are excluded for more than one hour
4-5Repairing breaches in communication as quickly as you can
5Hot and cold anger.
5-7"Writing people off"
7-8Ksanti Paramita - patience
Resolving any quarrels/ misunderstandings as soon as you possibly can
8Different atmospheres of different occasions - after death ceremonies, name giving ceremonies, Buddhist festivals
10Going through the motions of forgiveness
11-12Interrupting conversations - awareness of a situation
12-13Text - the usefulness of the enlightened attitude
13-14Its usefulness for ourselves
14-15Its usefulness for others
15Do not annoy a Bodhisattva!
16It overcomes all obstacles to Enlightenment (klesas)
17It makes available all elements conducive to Enlightenment
18The similes of the bodhichitta in the Dasabhumika Sutra
19The Bodhichitta as the most valuable thing
20-24Religion and sacrifice
20-23Jesus died for you
23Therapeutic blasphemy.
24-36The Virgin Mary and her effect on (ex-) Catholics
25-29Virginity and voluptuousness, Virgins
30-36Western pornography, advertising, beauty competitions and Eastern voluptuousness
"The Training in an Enlightened Attitude" Seminar CONTENTS Page 2
36Break in seminar recording.
Strengthening the enlightened attitude
The accumulation of merits
37-41The four means of conversion
37Jnana - transcendental awareness
The ten fundamental rules - perfection in right views; proper conduct; spiritual interest; the joys of an enlightened attitude; giving concentrated
attention to the unfoldment of an enlightened attitude and in the Dharma; the pursuance of the Dharma in its spirit; living in accordance with it;
to abandon pride and other selfish motives and to comprehend the inner meaning of the Buddha's teaching.
39The Theravada's becoming over analytical
The four means of conversion - Sangraha-vastus
41The threefold purity
42"Muttering of mantras"!
43Where did visualisation meditations originate?
44-45Punya (merits) as cause or effect, and jnana
46Developing aspirations by many endeavours
47The Bodhisattva Vow
48-49How Order members' names can enable one to reflect on those qualities
50Transfer/transmutation of merits
51Putting one's body where it is needed
51-52"to shrink from conflicting emotions"
53"getting into" - the use of idioms
54Different Bodhisattvas and different coloured auras
54-55'Unskilful' and 'evil'
56Counteracting habits
58Preserving the essence of the Dharma
59-60Translating of Buddhist texts by Buddhists and Non-Buddhists
61Past, present and future? What is time?
61-62Imagining you are in another time and place in meditation
62Cheating spiritual teachers and persons worthy of worship
64Offering cash at tantric initiations
65Making others ashamed without cause
65-74Feeling ashamed and feeling guilty
68-69Trying to combine Christianity and Buddhism
70Intolerance in Christianity
73Christians 'sacrificing' themselves to care for the sick etc.
74Eradicating guilt by being sure of unconditional affection/mettā
"The Training in an Enlightened Attitude" Seminar CONTENTS Page 3
75Remedies for colds - Black pepper tea!
76-77Next Session - saying improper things to a Bodhisattva out of spite
79To behave meanly to sentient beings
80The four positive qualities
80-88Lying. What is a lie? Why speaking the truth is so important
83The path of the good and wholesome
85Truth and falsehood among actors
85-89Leading a double life - dishonesty and deception
90Do all ("spiritual") paths lead to the same place?
91Having strength of conviction in one's spiritual path
91-92Being wary of jargon
94Proclaiming the virtues of a Bodhisattva
94Remedying the evils within an hour
95With precepts etc., the positive includes the negative and the negative implies the positive
96Making others feel ashamed
97-98General Tea Break discussion - Vegetarianism, Lama Govinda's group
100-101Sarcasm and cynicism (The "Doggy View" of humanity!)
101Negative jocularity
101-103Monty Python films encouraging complacency?
103-108The conditioning to tell lies
106Having at least somebody with whom you don't have to hold anything back
108Gossip and right speech
110Physical manifestations of emotional states of mind - Anorexia
112The mysticism of pain and suffering
113The lack of mettā in the world
114Jealousy - one of the most negative of all the emotions
116"If you want to do anybody real harm, fall in love with them!"
118Can there be positive promiscuity?
118-119Monogamy in the New Testament
Monogamy, polygamy and polyandry in Buddhism
119Polygamy and the Mormons

download whole text as a pdf