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Contents of Going for Refuge - Questions and Answers Tuscany 1986

by Sangharakshita

Tuscany Ordination Course 1986: Questions & Answers on:

Going for Refuge
1References to Bhante being the most senior English Bhikkhu
Bhante - Bhikkhu or Dharmachari
2/3Taking Higher Ordinations
3/5Communication Exercises
5/9The criteria for being a Mitra
9/11'Friends' and their contact with FWBOs
11/13 Centres and the facilities they provide
A mix of Order members
13/14 Attracting people from black cultures
14/15 Upgrading the chanting and incorporating music
16Is there a feminine form of 'Mitra'
Opening the Dharma Eye
17/18 Prajna-caksus, samanta-caksus and Dharma-caksus
18/21 Perfection in the Stream Entrant
21/28 Differing grades of ordination and its dangers in the WBO
28/29 Paravritti- what is the turning about from?
Positive equivalents for the first three fetters
29/31 The Buddha's Going Forth
5 aspects of one's spiritual experience
31/34 The levels of Going Forth
In context of the Puja
34/44 Bhikkhus
35Bhikkhus and celibacy
36Welcoming ceremonies for the newly ordained
37/38 The position of the WBO amongst traditional Buddhists
41/42 Bhikkhus in Japan
42/43 Bhikkhus in Thailand
43/44 Asvajit in Sinhalese society
45/47 Extending the precepts
Undertaking a constitution of the Order
47A cosmic level of Going for Refuge
47/48 Continuity between the Lower and Higher Evolutions

download whole text as a pdf