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Contents of Duties of Brotherhood in Islam

by Sangharakshita

... angel (again)
170Editing of articles in Shabda
172Co-operativeness and harmony
The benefits of conformity as opposed to non-conformity
173'The powers that be', 'the party line'
174'A polyphonic spiritual community'
Finding something to rebel against in the FWBO
175Sharing your knowledge with your brother
Not questioning someone's motives in public
176Bringing things in the Order and the FWBO to Bhante's notice
177The spiritual community and spiritual friend as a mirror
178Hating hatred
180Not to remind people of their faults if they are already well aware of them
182The ideal attitude towards friendly criticism
The Duties of Brotherhood in Islam” Seminar CONTENTS Page 6
183Sacrificing so much for so little
Not constantly reminding each other of one's duties to each other
184Different ideas of 'leadership'
185Next Session Chapter Five The forgiveness of mistakes and failings
186-189Not questioning someone's integrity
189An element of coercion in Mahatma Gandhi's fasting?
189-190Being careful/mindful when going into town!
190-193A brother's love persisting despite an offence
191Still having to experience the consequences of actions even if they have been repented
194Aristotle - friendship between the vicious or between the virtuous
195-197Keeping in contact with out of touch or resigned Order members/brothers
195-196Hiri and Ottapa - shame
198The irreversibility of the brotherhood relationship
200In Buddhism a person consists of his actions
200The extreme penalty in traditional Buddhism for a bhikkhu
201-203Al-Ghazali wavering between two definitions of brotherhood
202Seeing a person as the sum total of his actions
202-203Unconditional love on the psychological and metaphysical level
203The fourth stage of the Mettā Bhāvanā205Restoration of brotherhood
Devadatta in the Theravada and the Mahayana
205-206Hell in Buddhism
206Enlightenment is not inevitable
The misleading and mischievous nature of the Mahayana-type language of 'potentiality' (We are all potentially Buddhas, etc.)
207The White Lotus Sutra's cosmic context
The importance of the initial contact with the Dharma
208Avoiding brotherhood or Kalyana Mitrata
209-210Not withdrawing from the contract of brotherhood
210Errors in religion and errors in carrying out the duties of brotherhood
211Tolerating three things with one's brother
212People dying without difference being resolved
213Becoming over concerned with being in the right
213-214A sort of angry energy in Islam - the containment rather than the abolition of anger
215Not just accepting one's brother's blemishes
216-217Killing one's enemy when in a state of mortal sin, so as to send him to hell (in the Christian Middle Ages)
The Duties of Brotherhood in Islam” Seminar CONTENTS Page 7
217Islam seeming to come from Muhammad rather than through him
218Violence in Islam
219The questionability of attributing cultural achievements to a particular religion
220Next Session - Chapter Six - The sixth duty - to pray for one's brother
220-221The whole chapter is read
221Three points in the chapter:
Prayer is an expression of brotherhood
Helping the dead
Can the dead be helped by Prayer?
222Is prayer efficacious?
The universality of telepathy?
223Mettā Bhāvanā not just being for one's own subjective good but for the objective good of the person(s) to whom it is directed
224Experimenting with the Mettā Bhāvanā
224-225The significance of fidelity
225-227Keeping in touch after death Mettā for the dead
225Penelope and Ulysses
226The practice of recollection
Including deceased Order members in the Order Mettā Bhāvanā227Absence or separation as a test
228"To die and be reborn isn't such a big deal really"
229Being selective about what you think about and put yourself in contact with
Multiple personality Schizophrenia
Reading biographies
230Why read about a pop star or murderer when you can read about a Bodhisattva?!
231Making a choice in the bardo
The demands of the physical body
Bhante's typical breakfast in Kalimpong compared with Hampstead
232The Seventh Duty - Chapter Seven
233The morbidity of keeping a memory alive Why mourn?
234The preference of cremation to burial
Avoiding thinking of the dead body as the person himself
235-237What is a ghost? How long does a ghost or subtle body last?

237What is matter?
238Maintaining continuity of consciousness after the physical body disappears
239Taking responsibility for one's brother's dependants after his death
The Duties of Brotherhood in Islam” Seminar CONTENTS Page 8
240Brothers can be a positive distraction
241No room for envy in brotherhood
242Muditā - sympathetic joy
242-244Position and authority changes people
242-245Opposition out of loyalty
246Being wary of separation in brotherhood
247-248Taking initiative in friendship
249Giving one's friend the benefit of the doubt
249-250Choosing the lesser of a number of evils
251Proceeding in life by guesswork
Islam and Buddhism as spiritual paths
253Being careful of translating terms from one tradition to another
Milton's Paradise Lost
254The difference between the musical and the poetic experience
'Suspension of disbelief' when in contact with visual art/poetry/music following Christian themes
255Next Session Chapter Eight - the eighth duty - relief from discomfort and inconvenience
256Not obliging one's brother to be formally polite to you
257-258The positive use of the word 'condescending'
258Being made to feel uncomfortable in someone's presence
259-262Being able to not constrain oneself in another's presence
262'Piety' and 'sin'
262-265The enlightened understanding one's heart not necessarily looking at one's external behaviour
265Mr. Chen and the farting Karmapa!
Observing your duties rather than expecting your rights
266The philosopher king
267One's duty to be a friend rather than one's right to have friends
268-269Seeing one's own spiritual development as altruistic, not selfish
270Being aware of the body Massage
271Sex therapy
272Healing by hypnosis
273-274Suspicious practitioners of 'alternative medicine'
275Keeping up fellowship for many years without discord
277-278Eating, going to the toilet, praying, and sleeping in your brother's house/ spiritual community
Being open about your sexual activities with your brothers
The Duties of Brotherhood in Islam” Seminar CONTENTS Page 9
279Inside mosques
280Seeing greater merit in the brother than in oneself
281-282Going to the toilet in India
283Consulting one's brothers over all plans
283-284Not keeping secrets from one's brother
285Men and women being separate from each other in Islamic and other traditional societies
285-286Western women and Eastern women and their interaction with men
The self-esteem of women in the East
287Rape A difficulty for women to feel they have any real existence apart from men?
288Intense lesbian relationships
289Sexually provocative behaviour (even if unconscious) on retreats or in Centres
Next session
290-291The Duties of Brotherhood by seeing, hearing and speaking, using the hands
292Is there any concept of human or spiritual development in Islam or in Sufism?
The Islamic cube and the Buddhist stupa
293The pilgrimages to Mecca becoming incorporated into Islam
The three main symbols of the three main universal religions
294Comparing the Christian cross with Buddhist symbols
The cross and the crucifixion imagery
Islam as an ethnic religion with universal features.
Islam and Sufism
295Nose picking
296-297Not telling stories, talking about one's children/girlfriend, reading one's own poetry etc., to one's brother
Poetry in Shabda!
297-298Adorning oneself Make-up
298-299Letting one's relatives know what one earns financially
299-300Keeping children in order only by love and reason?
300Being wary of rulers
301Fair weather friends
302How to behave with kings and if with the mob
302-303Jesting and frivolity. Jocularity
304General comments about Islam
The impossibility of being a Muslim on your own
306Why Islam has not spread in Britain
The two great declarations of Islam
307-308How Buddhism can succeed on a wide scale without betraying its essential principles
The Duties of Brotherhood in Islam” Seminar CONTENTS Page 10
______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ...

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