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Transcribing the oral tradition...

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Contents of Conze-s Introduction to Buddhism - Its Essence and Development

by Sangharakshita

Edward Conze's Introduction to: Buddhism: Its Essence and Development
Held at Sukhavati Community , London in 1975Cassette One:
1 Buddhism a form of 'Eastern spirituality'?
4 Mysticism & the 'perennial philosophy'
7 Wisdom the heritage of the group?
9 Transmission of wisdom
11 Immortality & the deathless
12 Problems of introducing Buddhism
15 Letting the Dharma speak for itself
16 Do people really want to change?
18 'Character' Buddhism & 'adjustment' Buddhism
19 Sensory experience relatively unimportant
21 Distinctions between rupa & arupa-dhyanas
22 Nature of arupa-dhyanas
23 Levels of experience
Cassette Two:
24 Renunciation & attachment
26 Dealing with craving
27 How to treat all people alike
28 Metta more satisfying than emotional turbulence
31 Difference between East and West?
33 Should one reject the senses?
35 The will to live
36 Thirst for existence & non-existence
39 Dealing with feelings of emptiness
41 More on 'rejecting' & 'overcoming' the senses
42 More on the will to live: three aspects of trsna
44 "Suicide doesn't work"
45 Yet more on rejecting the senses
Cassette Three:
47 Where is your joy? Don't let your spiritual life depend on your sensual life
49 Exotic curiosities
51 Value of being thoroughly disillusioned
54 Disillusionment & disgruntlement
59 Living apart from ordinary society
60 Spiritual life needs no justification
Cassette Four:
64 Value of spiritual communities for spiritual progress
65 Kasina meditation
68 Loathsomeness of food
Individuality, true & false
69 Pudgalavadins
73 Individuality of an enlightened person
73 Changing & becoming more truly oneself
77 Sakkaya-drsti - the First Fetter
78 Enlightenment only gained through wisdom
80 The transcendental as the object of wisdom
82 Philosophy a waste of time for Buddhists?
84 Value of speculation
Cassette Five:
86 Faith followers & doctrine followers
87 Does the Unconditioned exist?
89 Subject & object
91 Is Buddhism pragmatic?
93 All statements are false?
99 The Aryan silence
102 Aryan Truths
Nature of dukkha: three aspects
106 Buddhism 'radically pessimistic'
Cassette Six:
107 Negative states distort our vision
110 Contradiction & paradox in Buddhism
115 The Absolute
116 Three stages of visualization
117 Zen koans
121 Appendix: Complete text excerpt used in seminar
Transcription completed by Prajnananda
on Dharma Day, July 14 1992Checked and Printed by Silabhadra
September 11-12 (Full Moon Day) 1992 ...

download whole text as a pdf