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Contents of Confession - from the Sutra of Golden Light

by Sangharakshita

Sangharakshita in Seminar:


Second ‘Transcriptions’ Edition

[Please note that these page numbers refer to the page numbers in square brackets within the transcript.
These are the page numbers used in the first edition.]

1 Introduction
2 Brahmins
3/4 Ruciraketu's dream - the golden drum
5 The first confession - the evil states
6 Fearlessness
7/8 Fear of dead bodies/death - fear in general
9 Fear of insanity
10 Fear of humiliation
11/12 Attitudes towards insanity in India
13 Fear
14 The smell of fear
15 Fear on solitary retreats
16/17 The seven members of enlightenment/Bodhyangas
18/19 The Brahma voice
19/20 Turning the Wheel of the Law
21/22 Recollection of previous births
22 Recollection of the great sages
23 Fulfilling the wishes of Asuras
24 Seeking satisfaction from things which cannot give it
25 Learning from experience
26 Seeking the Golden Light in worldly pleasures
27 Listening to classical music
28 Superficial experiences (uncommitted experiences) - spiritual pleasure
29 Preparing the ground to receive the Golden Light
30 Real happiness
31Maya/Magical delusion - group pulls to entertainment
32 Working on Sunday - positive relationships in communities
33 The need to be on one's own - comparing people inside and outside the Movement
34 The Bodhisattva Vow
35 'Protectors' - The confessional verses - Cruelty
36/7 Cats in Buddhism! The difference between hate and anger
37 Immorality in Buddhism
38 Punishment in the New Society
39/40 Attending to parents/positive attitudes to parents
41 Other people 'bringing out' your feelings
42/3 "The worrying mother"
44 Father - Neglecting the Buddhas
45 The intoxication of tender age
46 Over confidence/pride
47 Evil friends - foolishness, as opposed to wickedness
48/51 Recklessness on retreats - Balancing spontaneity and mindfulness - The Middle Path
51 Recklessness in wartime
52 The 'Baby Boom' - If you had three months to live what would you do?
53 The 'Flighty Mind' - Disrespect to the Three Jewels
54 General principles of the confession
55 Evil as a mistake - deliberate wickedness
56Meat eating
57 Who to confess to
58/59 Formal confession - Burning confessions in pujas

The Sutra of Golden Light: Chapter Three,
The Chapter on Confession, Second Transcriptions Edition - Page 2

59 What to confess
60 Verses of worship - Bodhisattva Vow
61 Being 'placed' in enlightenment - Determination
62 The impossibility of forcing someone to become enlightened
63 The destruction of all acts - The meaning of Suvarnabhasa
64 Confession as preparation for the Bodhisattva Vow - The next confession
The role of forgiveness in Buddhism
65 Karma
66/67 Buddhas do not punish or get angry
68 No confession is possible if guilt is present - The Buddha did not avoid karma
69 The stopping of karma
70 No true enjoyment - confess and start again
71 Not concealing evil - why do we conceal it?
72 Under what circumstances can we be open?
73 "Over-openness"
74 Confessing to more evolved people
75/7 The test of true friendship - fear of what others will think
78/9 Rejoicing in merit - why is it hard to do?
80 'Obligations' to others
81 'The three aims' - this life, rebirth and enlightenment - awareness of where you are aiming to go
82 Dedication of merit - pure and impure merit in the Chinese schools
83 The third confession - "oppression"
84 City life
85 Foolish thought - Birth as a traumatic experience
86 The oppression of bodily activity
87 Responding/reacting to external influences
88 The oppressions of gaining merit
89 Telling the truth to customers/salespeople
90 Knowing how much you can take
91 Positivity as a threat to some people
92/3 Is Bethnal Green a 'Bad area'?! Comparing it with Hampstead
93 Worship section - rejoicing in the Buddhas
94 Imagery in the section - jewels , sunlight - basing a Sevenfold Puja on the Sutra
95 Comparison with verses in English Literature - Shelley - responses of Indians as opposed to
British/English regarding imagery
96 English/British shying away from exuberance ? Tibetan Buddhism being 'museum-like'
Balancing richness and austerity
97 Recommending the Mahavastu
98 Negative and affirmative approaches to reality
99 Conceptual paradoxes
100/101 Verses of expression of good will - The eight instants
102 'May all women constantly become men'
103 Comparing male and female conducivity to enlightenment - what is the main handicap for
104 Children and careers
105/106 Women seeing the Transcendental - Devotion versus commitment
107 Receptivity - the spiritual drive in women
108 Single-sex or mixed communities
109/110 Men moving forward in mixed situations
111 Dakinis - transformed femininity - 'female-ness'
112 Degrees of integration
113'Rising above' male and female
114 The final verses of the chapter
115 General impressions of the chapter
116/117 Christmas - The positive and negative effects of alcohol


download whole text as a pdf