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Contents of Buddha-s Law Among the Birds - The

by Sangharakshita

The Buddha's Law among the Birds Seminar - Contents
The Buddha's Law Among the Birds Seminar

Held at Il Convento di Santa Croce, Tucany Italy
November 1982
Taken from "The Buddha's Law Among the Birds" edited and translated from the
Tibetan by Edward Conze, published by Bruno Cassirer and Co, Oxford
(ISBN 0 851 81020 9)
1 General intro
2-3 Teaching the dharma in the right language
3 First verse - once upon a time
4 The Bhadrakalpa - auspicious aeon, Saraha, snow lions
6-7 Creatures of good omen Next verse - setting the scene. The Parrot's
Speech The cuckoo's silence - is it anger?
8The Cuckoo's reply
9The Cuckoo's insight into existence
- Impermanence
10"Foes will remove the hoarded spoils"
11The modern equivalent of the "stronghold" - insurance policies!
Loving thoughts of affection
12Meeting friends in future lives
13"Only within the Unconditioned...that real friendship is possible"
13-14"Sons will side with the enemy"
14Limiting one's freedom
The Conditioned in Impermanent
14-15What about the wife!?
15-16The Cuckoo's vows
16-17Summing up the whole of the Dharma in one word - Impermanence
17The Tibetan 'preliminary practices' - the six element practice
18-19Sitting on the right of the left of the Buddha/Great Bird
19The symbolism of the peacock
20The Parrot's speech
21Disentanglement ,The Klesas, the arising of knowledge and vision
of things as they really are
22The Cuckoo speaks again.
23Releasing the Good and Wholesome thoughts
23"Venerating them (the three jewels) brings blessings from on high
Sharing the qualities of the Bodhisattvas
25Abandon all attachments wherever they may be
27-29Giving up everything except......
28Be diligent in performing your tasks
29-31I had to do it! - what does this mean? - disguising a choice being
31Psychological, logical and moral necessities
32Responsibility for oneself
34"In touch" with the Jinas
35Use of the word "precept"
36Examples of inference in logic
37The King Vulture's speech
38Ceaseless Busy-ness
Do people know that death is inevitable?
39Dangers of reflecting on death without the positive basis
The Buddha's Law among the Birds Seminar - Contents
41The psychological and spiritual effects of giving
Can there be lasting merit?
42Taking advantage of the conditions you are in
The Great Crane's speech
42-43Practising the Dharma on a basis of sila
43"We are not allowed to dwell in the fourth dhyana all of the time"
44Insight via reflection in the first dhyana
45The dhyanas and developing Insight by reflection
46Rebirth as gods through ethical activity, not necessarily meditation
(although meditation seems necessary for prolonged ethical action).
46-47Skilful and unskilful concentration
48-49What is laziness?
49A definition of "indolence"
52The Golden Goose's speech
52Desiring emancipation and deserving a state of woe
53hoping for blessings
54-55Miraculous blessings
56Wanting all pleasant ends but using no harsh means
57Purity of Vision, what is judgement?
58-59Misuse of the word "prejudice"
60Singleness of Vision. Thinking of purity in chemical terms.
60-62"To give and yet be checked by meanness"
62"To aim at lasting achievements"
63Being exposed to distractions
64Avoiding exposure to distractions by living in communities etc.
65Centres in the city run from communities in the country?
66Mature (ie in their 50s and 60s) Order Members running Centres.
67Being involved with the public centre immediately after ordination.
68Advice to new Order members returning to the city.
69"To try to understand one's inner mind while still chained to hopes
and fears" - The Inner Mind
71-72"Hopes are traitors, fears are liars" (line from a poem) Why worry?
73Why are so few women ordained in the WBO?
74The Raven's speech
75Being true to your vows
76-77Ethics - separating humans from animals
77To be human is to be ethical
78Examining poetry from an ethical viewpoint
79-80Examining the word "Dakini"
80"Samaya" - Tantric vows
81"Where there's perspiration there will be inspiration"!
82-83Sacrificial festivals
84-85"If you transform your state of consciousness, in a sense you
transform the world"
86Luck or karma?
87Karma is not an 'iron law'
88The little Wagtail's speech
There are many possibilities of downfall
89The promptings of worldly thought
90"There's no question of giving full expression to your total negativity"
90-91Craving for food - Pretas
91-94Craving for dress
95Make- up Self orientation
96Deeply loving oneself and extending beyond that
97Did the Buddha desire too?
The Buddha's Law among the Birds Seminar - Contents
98What would the Buddha have done if there were no other beings
around him?
99"The aftermath of evil habits"
100Making Mars Bars into a positive habit....Procrastination
101"Your whole being may represent a bad habit"
102The ruddy sheldrake's speech
103-104Searching for happiness in Samsara
105Were people happier in the past?
106"Without the celestial Dharma one must do without deliverance
107Realising that actions have consequences
108You are responsible for your own thoughts
109Don't come to me with your problems
110What is personal worth?
111Without wisdom one must do without virtues
Why are the stupid depicted as good and the intelligent as wicked?
112Being intelligent and being intellectual
113Doing without affection
114-115Giving each other care and affection
116-117Making the spiritual community like home
117Mattresses and beds, hard and soft
118Tasteless comfort. Looking after each other
119-121What is 'Pema'?
122Making small communities too "homely"
123Friendship between "non-virtuous" people
124-125The qualities of a good companion
126What is charisma?
126-128"Offenses with women"
129Can married men achieve great things?
130Before Stream Entry one should be very careful with one's contact
with the opposite sex
132Hen-pecked gurus
133The Heavenly White Grouse's Speech
134-135Hard to fathom the totality of causes and effects.
The limitless mundane actions
136Fathoming the body
136-137The deceits of parents
138-139Examples of deceit by parents
139-141Religious frauds
142"Christ, E.2."
143"Gurus" encouraging dependency
144Fake gurus in Tibet
145The religious talk of the shallow
146Hard to fathom the virtues of the skilful
147Questioning people's motives
149"Amogha" "Delusion being the biggest obstacle"
Interpretation of Order members' names
150-151The pigeon's speech This degenerate iron age
152The conduct of evil men
Families in disunion Jealous neighbours
153Mischievous disputes of great and passionate men
153-154Many other verses covered in one or two sentences
154Reasons for despair
155The despair of parents
156"intimate friends unconfident in separation"
157The need for greater confidence in each other in the Order
The Buddha's Law among the Birds Seminar - Contents
158Faith in somebody's word
159Not letting people off the hook
160Thinking the gesture is sufficient without following it up with action
161Not adding to the despair oneself
162No such thing as wasted effort
163The Dove's speech
164Why do people become pleasure oriented?
165Distorted ideas of where happiness comes from
166"You have to work for your sweetie!"
167Seeking gay diversion - the cinema
168Making your own entertainment
169Bhante's views on Television
170Why can't pleasure be found when you're looking for it? Pleasure is
not the same as happiness
171Pleasurable sensation, intellectual enjoyment, emotional fulfilment
and spiritual realisation
172A constant process of refinement and intensification - the life of the
Mahasunyata and Mahasukha
173The skullcup filled with blood.
The ...

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