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Contents of Bodhisattva Ideal - Questions and Answers Tuscany 1984 - Unchecked

by Sangharakshita

DISCLAIMER - This transcript has not been checked, and may contain mistakes and mishearings.

L/65The Buddha's Parinirvana
2Ananda's failure to request the Buddha to live on.
4The Council of Vaisali - Therevada versus Mahayana
7Buddha versus Jesus
9The Buddha's miracles
11Integration of dhyana experiences
13Universal moral balance ?
17The word 'Religion'
21Indications of the Bodhisattva Ideal in the Pali Canon
22Integration of experience in life
25Arahants and Buddhas
29How to estimate spiritual progress
38Irruption of the Bodhicitta and Stream Entry
49Spiritual tension in the arising of the Bodhicitta, Self-Power/
55The Bodhicitta as symbol and myth
(Other Power.
60The Evolution of Universal Consciouness: Brahma, Enlightened
66The ethical dimension of the Universe
70Stream Entrants and the Bodhicitta
71Conditions for the arisal of the Bodhicitta
72The historical sources of development of the Bodhicitta
73Intensifying practice
75Doing solitary pujas
78Confession in Therevada and Mahayana
80A hierarchy of compassion ?
82L/67Obediance as a virtue
91Correlating Hinayana and Mahayana teachings.
92The Bodhisattva Vows
1o7Psychiatry and the psychologically disturbed
110Helping people in worldly ways
112Mastery of dharmas - criteria for distinguishing between the need
to concentrate on broadening or deepening personal experience
115Establishing karmic connections
119Conceit and the human realm
120Six Element Practice
123Obediance and child rearing and sasana
128Eradicating 'poisons' ?
129The language of myth in the historical development of the Dharma
140Myth and merit
143 L/68The Bodhisattva as living contradiction
146Man's essential nature ?
151Common Purse
156The efficacy of Western Art in spiritual life
168Christianity/conditioning and critical thinking
182Eating as a spiritual practice
183Mindfulness and tecnigues ?
184Buddhists and meat eating
187Polyandry etc for the West ?
188Work and spreading the Dharma
189Work and giving
191'Pseudo-egalitarianism' and neo-orthodoxy
193Tolerating intolerance
201Martyrdom and Cathars
203Ascesis, training,discipline
206Pagan culture in Europe
210Sleep and spiritual practice ?
213Projection and relationships-
225The terms 'masculinity' and 'femininity'
226Humour and laughter
234Grace waves
238L/69The Four Arupa Dhyanas in relation to developing insight
239Sacred language/the roots of language/ significance of language
250Anxiety as a hindrence
254Moving into deeper states of meditation
261L/70Transcendental dhyanas
261Catering for one's students
265Sampajana and work - the need for retreats
273Celebrating Bodhisattvas on Sangha day
274The Buddha's desire to reverence
278Creating the conditions for the arisal of the Bodhicitta
279Metaphorical language
285L/71Admiration and appreciation
286Gratitude and reverence
Hierarchy in Buddhism
292Reducing one's quantity of sleep
294Tracing origins of the Bodhisattvas' forms
296Visualising wrathful forms ?
298Settling down and the third fetter
303Mathmatical grids in depictions of Bodhisattvas' forms
304New Bodhisattva forms ?
310Recognising the Archetypal plane
312The Bodhisattva as 'angel par excellence' ?
317What is the Tantra ?
319The self-contradictory nature of Time and Space
321Is the archeypal form of the Buddha a metaphor ?
326Dharmakaya and Dharmadhatu
327Metaphorical language
329The source of Canonical Jatakas

download whole text as a pdf