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Contents of Auckland Questions and Answers - May 1979

by Sangharakshita

The Venerable Sangharakshita
Question and Answer Evening in Auckland, New Zealand, May 1979


1 Growth after ordination
2 No such thing as 'just wearing a kesa'
3 Inner and outer commitment
Commitment and lifestyle
5 Forgiveness and Judging people
6 Comparing Devadatta and Judas Iscariot
7 Right Speech
8 Being able to really say what you think
9 Irregularity in meditation
10 We are free to do what we want to do
11 Becoming a True Individual
12 'Embroidering' personal ritual
13 Wong, Lung and Ti - Tibetan initiation
Systematic dharma study with a teacher
'Cutting the root of the mind'
14 Lobsang Rampa's 'initiations'
16 More and more of less and less
The importance of basic Buddhism
18 Bhante's memoirs
20 Don't expect 'too much' of Bhante

download whole text as a pdf