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Transcribing the oral tradition...

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Contents of An Interview with Five Clergymen

by Sangharakshita

An Interview with Five Clergymen

At the London Buddhist Centre
2 The Buddhist monastic code
Different types of Buddhism
FWBO Communities
4 Buddhism's close historical association with cities
The FWBO and Buddhist immigrants in the UK
5 There is no such thing as a theistic Buddhism
Gods in Buddhism
6 The Buddha, in any form, is never equated with the creator of the universe
'Puja' - respect, worship
7 Buddhism and other religions fully coming to terms with the modern world
8 War and modern warfare
The importance of language
The impersonal nature of modern warfare - the need to re-establish human contact
10 The 'fighting monks' of Tibet
11 Contact with local people in Bethnal Green?
12 Why are there fewer women in the Order than men?
Gandharan Buddhist images and the images at the LBC
13 Buddhist festivals
14 The ex-Untouchables in India's conversion to Buddhism
15 Buddhism and vegetarianism
16 Bhante has a 'thoroughly medieval mind'
17 Some people's unfortunate experiences of Christianity
Is Buddhism evangelical?
18 Buddhism and sex
Homosexuality in Buddhist countries?
19 Arranged marriages in India
20 Former business people becoming clergy

download whole text as a pdf