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Transcribing the oral tradition...

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Contents of Advice to the Three Fortunate Women - Unchecked

by Sangharakshita

DISCLAIMER - This transcript has not been checked, and may contain mistakes and mishearings.


PAGE _______
1The Tutelary deities
3Padmasambhava as the second Buddha
6'Piling up fine silks' Creating harmony for communication
8The request for the teaching. 'Effective verse'
11The Guru's teaching. Impermanence
14Taking refuge
16'Direct your prayers to the lamas' The preliminaries
17'Be calm, relax, do not force your mind'
21'The tranquility of sunyata is the foundation'
24Working on whatever estranges you
25Carrying only the harmless
28Samatha and vipassana
29'The sixth senses come forth'
31During meditation there is not anything
32Understand not to discriminate. Peace will arise
33For personal growth you need to exercise effort. Compartmentalising
37Realisation comes from within
38'Without such prayers and dedications, no means exists'
40'Here lie preparation, exactment and fulfilment'
41'Unceasingly do dharma actions'
42Self exploitation!
44Padmasambhava as transformer and transmuter
45The land of Ogres
47Transcend the desires of body, speech and mind
50'The Books and letters that you do not practice give them up!'
55'Those who compete with others and hoard possessions give them up!'
59'Women who create disturbances and hold grudges give them up!'
62'Hope and expectations for your own benefit give them up!'
67'Turn away from the ranks of men and the eight worldly concerns'
74'Do not own even a needle or a thread'
77Co ops and individual decision making
80'Internally make one hundred offerings to the Pure Field of the Buddha'
81'Mediately perform as many ganachakras as you can'
82'The ill adapted and incapable will reach the land of mercy.
Reflect on the great dry misery of the cycle ' The four Maras
83'Though slain within the mind, desire returns from outside'
84'Not other than the Holy Dharma is the lineage of leading others. Think of others in
solitude whom no one aids. Do not be loud and boastful... rather depend on solitude.
Having renounced relatives, friends, achievement.... '
86'Like the leper, take and reflect on the humblest share. Since one cannot rely upon the
And since absolutely nothing useless will arise....
Do not fail to call on me! Do not despair!'

download whole text as a pdf