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Contents of A Survey of Buddhism - Chapter 1 Sections 8 - 18

by Sangharakshita

Sangharakshita in Seminar

Questions and Answers on
A Survey of Buddhism Chapter One: Sections Eight to Eighteen
[Second Transcriptions Edition - December 2000]
[Please note that these page numbers refer to the page numbers in square brackets within the transcript.
These are the page numbers used in the first edition.]
Page Subject
2Limitations of language in communicating the trancendental
5Explaining Nirvana to a beginner
6Rupadhyana and arupadhyana
8Consciousness and matter
11The difficulty of beginners’ ‘simple’ questions
16Confusing the principle with its application
19Isolated “Nothing is fully known by the Enlightened”
22Ineffable Nirvana No rebirth as a result of karma
24The question of the Buddha’s life span
26Bodhisattvas come when called. Adoptionism
31Five eyes of the Buddha
33Misinterpreting the Dharma
38Giving advice
42Development of positive and reactive qualities
43Broadening one’s framework
44The Buddha’s previous lives. Incompatible terminologies
45The poisoned arrow
46Rights (and Buddhist terminology)
50Rights, discrimination and inadequacies of legislation
56Possibilities of Buddhist state or govenment
57The Buddha’s faculty of recollection of previous rebirths
62Expressions of Nirvana
63Sariputra’s first glimpse and receptivity
66Impermanence and change
69Intellectual and emotional understanding
76Degrees of suffering
80The change in Christianity around the 13th-century
82The importance of the hierarchy
85The Greater Mandala
86Platonic philosophy and angels
89The devas
102Flowers and fairies
105Humans as the cattle of the Gods
106The Nidanas. Avijja
109Karmic rebirth and choice of sex
A Survey of Buddhism Chapter One: Sections Eight to Eighteen
[Second Transcriptions Edition - December 2000]
Contents Page 2
112Fundamental differences between the sexes
129Positive nidanas
136Ramana Maharshi
137The pre-enlightenment meditations of the Buddha
145The dynamic nature of Enlightenment
151Etymology of Brahmana. Anatman
157Beings or symbols
159Developing ones own iconography
164Consciousness and rebirth
175The nature of insight
180Bare insight - the vipassana tradition
184Sex and ethics
186Sleep and dreams and sex
188Luxury or necessity
191Defining a monastic lifestyle
193Problems with sexual relationships
199Traditions of relationships within the Muslim and other cultures
206Setting up men’s communities
209The physical base of mind
222Kalyana mitrata and ‘psychic contact’
225The Bardo state
227Rules and principles
229Angels again!
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download whole text as a pdf