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Contents of Guhyaloka 1988 - Questions and Answers

by Sangharakshita

Guhyaloka Ordination Course 1988 Questions and Answers

1 Ethical criterion for mitraship
2/3 Abstention from alcohol/dishonest livelihood/debt/abortion
4 Origin of the Three Jewels symbol
4/6 The five caksus (eyes) - opening of the dharma eye
7 Bhante's reading the Diamond Sutra as the opening of the Dharma eye
8 The point of insight
8/10 (Compassion and the Stream Entrant) - the seven rebirths
10/12 Breaking the fetters and access concentration
Stream Entry and doubt
13 Philosophical term of phrase to summarize the nature of Buddhism
Buddhism in one word - impermanence
14 Buddhism and Persian culture/Zoroastrianism.
14 Asoka.
15 Asoka's rock edicts - other rock edicts -Persian.
16 Body, speech and mind in Zoroastrianism.
Asoka's Greek relatives.
17/18 The age of the edicts - pre Pali Canon Persian influence on the Jinas?
Other influences on Buddhist art.
19 Brahma Viharas - metta, mudita , karuna, upekkha
20 Don't see the second two Brahma Viharas as successive.
21 Comments on metta
John MacMurray 'Reason and Emotion'
Insight via the Brahma Viharas
22/24 Upekkha Bhavana as an insight practice
Why positive emotions are so important
24 Provoking violence through non-violence
25 Greenpeace nuclear protests non-violent protests
26 Order involvement in ecological groups and other groups
27 Maitri and non violence
Talking about metta to beginners
28 "Normal human response"
Advanced practise of metta
29 Behaving with kindness
30 Consciousness arising - at conception or birth?
Talking about people who are not present
31 Substituting aversion for grasping on the nidana chain
Uniformity of translation in Tibetan/Sanskrit terms
32 Chanting or singing?
33 Different tunes in different cultures - research into pujas etc
34 The Ten precepts and ten precious substances
A jewel for the fifth precept?
35 Other precious stones
36 U Chandramani and Ambedkar
36/38 Bhante's relation to the Order and the Order to the Buddhist world
The Buddhist "World"
Arya Maitreya Mandala
39 Bhante's initial understanding from the Diamond Sutra and
Sutra of Wei Lang
40 Early links with Buddhism
41/42 Cosmic Going for Refuge
42 Leading pujas etc. by those who have effectively Gone for Refuge
43/44 Levels of understanding and involvement in Pujas etc.
Leading Refuges and Precepts
45/46 Order members and mitras leading pujas etc.
Is leading Pujas good training for mitras?
47 The Ten Precepts as vows
48 Breaches of precepts/vows
49 The importance of the precepts
50 Early days of the Order - general questions
Contact with U Thittila and others
51/52 Has Bhante ever thought of disrobing?
52 Bodhisattva and Bhikshu ordinations
53/54 Stream Entry and the arising of the Bodhicitta
55 Questioning the commitment of an Order Member
56 Effective to Real Going for Refuge
Public Ordination as a vow to the world
57 Karmic effects of falling away from Going for Refuge
Metaphysical dualism
58 The terms conditioned and unconditioned
59 Continuity of Going for Refuge
59/60 A Buddhist' s experience of phenomena
61 Karma vipaka and (Pala)
62 Karma and vipaka
62/64 The goal of the Theravada, if not Arhantship
64 Four to eight holy persons
65 Avalokitesvara's deerskin stole
66 The Conditioned perfumed by the Unconditioned and vice-versa
67/68 "The Awakening of Faith"

download whole text as a pdf