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Contents of Women-s Order Convention 1987 - General Questions and Answers

by Sangharakshita


137Etiquette when visiting Buddhist sites
138Recitation of confessional verses
139The Jataka stories - the "Old Testament of Buddhism"!?
Enjoying the spiritual life
140Viewing past, present and future from outside time
Bhante's early precognitive experiences
The subjectivity of time and the advantages of reflecting on this at the time of
someone's death
142The historical significance of women only ordaining women in the Western
Buddhist Order.
143Different Sanghas in the Buddhist world
145All women being subject to men in the Theravada tradition
Padmasambhava mantra chanting and the popularity of Padmasambhava in the
146Bhante's link with Padmasambhava
The connection between the West/Western and death and spiritual rebirth
Amitabha and Padmasambhava
147The Bodhiangas and the Spiral Path
The unification of the three yanas in the anagarika/anagarik and/or
Dharmachari/Dharmacharini way
149Samayasattva and Jnanasattva
150The wild goose in India
151Right Livelihood and its four main objectives
153Collecting information about centres via surveys/questionnairres
154The anagarika ceremony
Bhante's photographs on shrines?
155Consecration of rupas etc.
156Form and content in art
158The Order and other spiritual traditions
159'Accidentally' Going for Refuge to another teacher/tradition
160The importance of attending Order Conventions
Progress and maturity in the Women's wing of the Order
161Concern over 'negative competitiveness' in the men's wing of the Order
162Bhante's reflections on the 1987 Order Conventions
164The phases of expression of Bhante's teachings
The natural death of the question and answer session
165Bhante's literary ideas

download whole text as a pdf