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Contents of Authority and the Individual in the New Society and D.H. Lawrence - Guhyaloka Questions and Answers 1987

by Sangharakshita

Guhyaloka Ordination Course 1987:

Questions and Answers on:
Authority and the Individual in the New Society , Mitrata Omnibus
and D. H. Lawrence and the Spiritual Community
Authority and the Individual in the New Society
1/3 Would power turn the spiritual community into a group?
Bhikkhus and lamas in authority
3/8 Invoking power using Bhante's words
8/11 Striving for large communities
Benefits of small communities
11/12 Being out of touch within the community
12/14 Power, authority and indifference in communities and centres
15 Workers, decision making and power in the co-ops
15/16 Co-ops - Introducing the Dharma in a work situation
16/18 Centres, communities and co-ops - The nucleus of the New
A lack of rejoicing in Merits
18/21 Teaching the Dharma
22/23 The power mode - its long terms effects on the WBO
23/28 Give what you can, take what you need - does it work?
29/32 The shortage of Order members and spreading the Dharma
Starting new centres, communities and co-ops
32/33 Taking a drop in income - new workers in the co-ops
34/36 Maintaining collective responsibility
36/37 Taking better care of ourselves
38 Caring for our more nomadic individuals
38/39 Raising children in the New Society
39/40 Following the laws of the land in the New Society
40/43 Stream Entry and the arising of the Bodhicitta
Attainment in this lifetime
43/44 Media coverage
44/47 The Vinaya - was it a mistake?
Will the WBO need a Vinaya of its own?
Principles and rules
47 FWBO - the only Movement to offer unlimited growth
48 Power in Buddhist circles
48/49 The besetting sins of Buddhism - a distortion of the Dharma
Pseudo tolerance.
Mitrata Omnibus
50/51 The spiritual life involves violence to aspects of ourselves
The nature of that violence
51/55 Beginners and meditation teaching practices
55/58 Distinctions between monks and the laity in the Buddha's time
The gathering of the teachings after the parinirvana
58/59 The symbolism of the stupa - is dimensionality its primary function
What is Akasa?
59/60 Sensory deprivation
D.H. Lawrence and the Spiritual Community
61 What killed Lawrence - war or illness?
62/63 How could Lawrence have coped within the FWBO?
Functioning artists
63/64 What are the criteria of a neurotic relationship?
64/65 Do sexual relationships have a detrimental effect in the WBO?
65/66 The Mindfulness of Breathing practice - a psychological technique
66/67 Western artists or Stream Entrants
67/70 Lawrence, glamour and magic in the FWBO
71 The effects of war on Lawrence's writing
The "wan resurrection"
71/72 Can sexual love be transformed into spiritual compassion?
72/73 Order members, marriage and commitment
73/75 A vision for Guhyaloka

download whole text as a pdf