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Contents of The Past and Future of the Order Part 1 - Order Weekend 1985

by Sangharakshita

Question and Answer session on "The Order, past and future"'

Held on the Men's National Order weekend at Padmaloka
on W.B.O. day, 7th. April 1985.
1Did Bhante ever ordain anyone 'straight off the street'?
2Consumption of alcohol within the Order?
3Depth of communication within the Order
4Using words without knowing what they mean
5-6Which of Bhante's writings would he particularly like translated?
6-7What the Order needs to do to survive Bhante after his death
7-8The head of the Order after Bhante's death?
9Order members seeking spiritual guidance outside the Movement?
10The danger of losing one's autonomy within the context of a sexual relationship
11-13Taking the ideal of Stream Entry very seriously
13Passing on visualisation practices and giving names after Bhante's death
14Where to look for Bhante's reincarnation!
14-15Being reborn with the same people as one associates with now
16-20Is there a Men's Order and a Women's Order or One Order?
17-18The 'Female Will' and women
20Anagarikas in the UK (i.e. outside India)
Higher levels of ordination in the WBO?
21Bhante passing on his responsibilities - Chairmen, the Order Office
Why there are Chapter Convenors in the Order
21-22Passing on the responsibility for giving ordinations
23Should WBO Anagarikas wear a robe or similar dress
24The danger of overidentifying with one particular FWBO centre
The Order is primary, FWBOs are secondary, or even tertiary
25The development of the Order Chapters
26More rapid expansion of the Movement
26-27Developing more Mindfulness in the Movement
28Optimum sizes for the WBO and FWBO Centres
29Helping aged and enfeebled Order members

download whole text as a pdf