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Contents of Vinehall Mitra Event 1 - Questions and Answers 1981

by Sangharakshita



1 Questions on the positive group
1-2 A 'full time' spiritual life?
3 No room in the Ideal Society for the nuclear family. The place of children in the Ideal Society
4 The religious influences for children
4-5 FWBO Centres and Communities - their interaction
6 The spiritual community not becoming a group
7 Exerting a positive influence
7-9 The FWBO in India and any possible Hindu backlash?
10-11 Projection onto another person and its signs
11 Why do more men than women 'stick' with the FWBO
12 Why are there single sex activities/situations?
12 Future possible obstacles to the FWBO
13-17 The position of woman in the (Higher) Evolutionary 'hierarchy'
15-17 Woman's consciousness being more bound up with her biological role than man's
17 Can one only speak the truth to one person at a time?
18-19 A positive response to violence - a middle way between meeting violence with violence and turning the other cheek
19-20 Computers/labour saving devices and the spiritual life!
21 The problem of leisure
21-22 Stream Entry as a possibility for most Order members?
22-24 "Can alienated apes usefully meditate?" Can meditation cause alienation and blocked emotion
22-24 Not to neglect the Mettā Bhāvanā meditation practice
24-28 Jamyang Khyentse Rimpoche
26 Khachu Rimpoche encouraging Bhante to take initation from Jamyang
Khyentse Rimpoche
27 Bhante's initiations from Jamyang Khyentse Rimpoche of Manjughose, Tara,
Avalokitesvara and Vajrapani
28-30 Chanting the Vajrasattva mantra on the occasion of a death
29 The Jogi collecting the spirits of the dead
30 Jamyang Khyentse Rimpoche's dakini
30-32 Mr. Chen
32 'Sexo-yogic' practices!
33 Bhante's "Desert Island Discs"!!


download whole text as a pdf