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Contents of Chairmens Event 1981 - Questions and Answers

by Sangharakshita

Sangharakshita in Seminar

Questions and Answers on the Chairmen's Retreat 1981


2 Sources of inspiration for chairmen
3 Not allowing things to get on top of you
5 Surrendering one's initiative
8 Being over precious about what one wants to do
10 The 'Private Life'
14 Asking for sympathy. Being wholehearted
20 Expectations of Order gatherings. The morale of the Order
21 Order weekends. Having more Order members involved in centres
32 Starting new centres in 'unpromising' places
34 Learning to lead classes, give talks and take courses
41 Chairmen's 'withdrawal symptoms'
43 Difficulties in working with people
49 The need for chairman to be constantly alert that they use their position in the
best possible way. The danger of charisma
50 Types of people being attracted to particular centres/chairmen
51 Was Bhante's having long hair in the past for a specific purpose?


download whole text as a pdf