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Contents of On Visualisation - Order Convention 1978

by Sangharakshita


1978 Order Convention Discussion


1 The meaning of visualisation

1-2 The Samaya Sattva and the Jnana Sattva

2-6 Dhardo Rimpoche

3 Dhardo Rimpoche's recollections of his previous lives

4 How all Bhante's Tibetan teachers were really Nyingmapas

7 Production in front and self-production visualisation (i.e seeing the visualised form outside or inside oneself)

8 What is 'being tired'? Overcoming tiredness

9 Permission to make mistakes when visualising Tara

10 The (Green) Tara visualisation practice
Having a feeling for the transcendental

11 Kasina meditation
12 The relevance of the Six Element Practice to the Order

12-13 Helping non-Buddhist friends with dying

13 Evolving a Western Buddha form/image
More on the Six element practice

14 Buddhas being born as bodhisattvas

15 Formal and provisional Going for Refuge

16-17 Performing two or more visualisation practices - how do they relate to each

17 Visualising the five jinas (five buddhas)

18-19 One doesn't need to be highly educated or intellectual to understand Buddhism

19-20 The Alayavijnana - a concept by intuition and by postulation

21 The phrase "nor is there consciousness" in The Heart Sutra

22-23 Dakas and dakinis. The term 'dakini' applying to men and to women - the superfluity of the daka

23 The most popular of the five jinas and of the bodhisattvas in different countries/cultures over the centuries

24 William Blake's 'emanation' and 'spectre'

24-25 Comments on the lecture 'Is a Guru necessary?' Avoiding two extremes

25 The Four Foundation Yogas and Bhantes 'System of Meditation'

26-28 Dharmapalas and their diference from Gurus, devas and dakinis

27 Wrathful forms

27-28 The connection between hate and wisdom

29 The importance of culture?

29 Neighbourhood/access concentration

30-31 Direct mind to mind communication - telepathy

31 The Cosmic Going for Refuge

32 Non-material evil influences

33-34 Some of Bhante's meetings with Mara


download whole text as a pdf