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Transcribing the oral tradition...

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Contents of Cumbria Ordination Retreat 1977 - Questions and Answers

by Sangharakshita




1-3 Grasping the concept of Enlightenment

4 The wholesome influence of Buddhism

5 Monks giving up monasticism on leaving Tibet

5-6 Religious orders surviving longer than states or empires

6 Going for Refuge outside time

7 Two types of sila - conventional and natural morality

8-10 Neurotic and non-neurotic feelings of guilt

10 The precepts

11 The distinction between anger and hatred

12 Repressing anger

12-20 The second precept - not taking the not given

14-18 'Rights' have no ethical basis

16 A bhikkhu cannot be party to a law suit

20 Can a Buddhist have recourse to the law?

21-22 Why the fifth precept (of the five) is not included among the ten upasaka precepts

22-23 Alcohol, stimulants and sedatives

24-26 Going for refuge when under the influence of any drugs

25 Depression - Is it just a chemical imbalance?

26-27 Epilepsy

27-28 Depression, repressed resentment and lack/excess of energy

29-30 Being galvanised before, during or after going for refuge

30-32 Stimulants and smoking

33-35 Refined and adulterated foods Addictions

36-37 Never to try to escape from boredom Stressful situations

38-47 Children on retreats and retreats for families

45 The circle of flames vajras and lotuses in a mandala

46 Emotional blackmail

47 'Renunciation' as a 'dirty word'

48 Ideal parenthood. Entering into parenthood as a responsible act

48 The ideal ages for parenthood

49 Two reasons to discourage marriage

50 Extended families and the nuclear family

51 Talking to pet cats on silent retreats


download whole text as a pdf