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Contents of Dhyana For Beginners - First Mitra Retreat 1976

by Sangharakshita

The Venerable Sangharakshita
Mitra Retreat Questions and Answers based on
'Dhyana for Beginners' 1976Contents
1'Dhyana for Beginners' as the best book on meditation
'Going away' in order to practise dhyana
2Three things for a positive atmosphere in a community/monastery:-
a. Having a definite objective towards which one is working
b. Having a regular spiritual practice
c. Being all of the same sex
3The transition from sitting and meditating to working and meditating via simple basic
4The seniormost monk preparing food
Unsuitable foods when meditating?
5Personal preparation for meditation and the conditions under which one practises
Upheavals after meditating for four to six months and also after a couple of years
7'Civilized man is a 'battered' man'
'Beginners' Mind
The Pretas
9Losing contact with oneself and one's feelings
10Plants don't like Jimi Hendrix!
The effects of different types of music
11Are there plans to have a padded cell in Sukhavati community?!
Being afraid of one's own feelings
13The correct, if any, use of the term 'monastery'
14The feeling quality of mindfulness
15Bhante's giving lectures without thinking, in India
The rarity of creative thought
Putting all of one's energy into something?
17Visualization practice as vipassana practice
Compiling an FWBO dictionary

download whole text as a pdf