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Contents of Second Order Convention 1975

by Sangharakshita




1-3 The relationship between the FWBO and the WBO
3-11 Practical details about ‘Shabda’ and its content
8 Should ‘Shabda’ be confidential i.e. for the eyes of Order members only?
12-17 Finances of the Order - Shabda, kesas, etc.
17-23 The legal position of the WBO
18 Recognition of Buddhist festivals by employers?
19-26 Prison visiting
27-38 The Order Registrar and register - Fundamental administration!
36 The editor of “Shabda”
38 The master of ceremonies
39-49 The Order Library and The Order Archive
47-50 Insuring the Order’s property
51-54 Caring for thangkas
54-59 The Order Convenor
56 Responsibility for Order Conventions and Order Days (early Order ‘weekends’)
59 The Order Registrar
63 Is a Mitra Convenor needed?
65 Next Session - ‘The Order and the Movement’
65-66 The relation of the FWBO to the WBO
66-67 Other ways of Order members functioning apart from through FWBO Centres
68-74 Is it possible to leave the Order?
Removing people from the Order register
73 The first ordinees not having an existing Order to be ordained into
74-75 The ‘objective needs of the situation’
75 A ‘coincidence of wills’
76-83 Using the term ‘Order Member’ rather than upasaka/upasika
80 The Tathagata not being misled by words or conventional speech
83 Trying to avoid the term ‘religious movement’
84-85 Work as karma-yoga
85-87 Starting up new autonomous FWBO Centres with teams of Order members
88 The suggestion of forming FWBO Publications!
FWBO recycled paper factories and farming communities
Suggestions for types of Right Livelihood
89-90 What is ‘semi-monastic’?
90-93 FWBO Educational centres/schools for children
91 Adopting children rather than making one’s ‘own’
94-97 Order members and ‘their’ mitras living together
Communes and communities
97 ‘Formal recognition’ of FWBO Centres by the Order
99-114 ‘Assessing’ the three Centres in Britain - Archway (London), Aryatara (Croydon, Surrey) and Glasgow
100 Decision making by consensus
106-108 The atmosphere at a Centre - tranquil or energetic/’busy’
109 ‘You don’t have to be all equal - if you’re not’!
110-113 ‘Leaders’ in the order and in communities
116-118 The FWBO in Cornwall (Manjuvajra’s group)
119 Five members to form an FWBO
Next Session - Devotional and artistic activities
119-122 Chanting of mantras in the puja
124 Suggestion of chanting the Avalokitesvara mantra during pujas
124-127 Devotional feelings - mantras and shrines
127-128 Creating, constructing and maintaining the shrine as a devotional act
129 “Forced holiness”
130-131 Pujas in the dark or with eyes closed?
Pujas with all the lights on
132 Dedicating the shrine on retreat
Being sensitive to the leader of a puja
133-134 Ways of making offerings in pujas
135 Selecting readings for pujas
136 Doing pujas (alone) naked
137 Ceremonies and festivals
138-144 ‘Positive’ atmospheres
140-142 Coarseness
142-149 Buddhist Festivals and their dates
146 Celebrating Parinirvana Day?
150 FWBO and WBO Anniversary celebrations
151-152 Dates for Order Conventions
153-156 Wearing kesas and using Order names in public - and within the Order
156-157 The shortening of Order names (e.g. ‘Vajra’ for ‘Vajrakumara’)
157 Using Celtic names for Order members
158-159 Kesas
160-163 Creating a simpler puja for newcomers as opposed to the Sevenfold Puja
163-167 Buddhist ceremonies for the dead?
167-168 Bodhidharma Day
169-170 Celebrating the Chinese Patriarch Chih-i?
172 Plans for a Puja Book
173-175 The Five Precepts and the Ten Precepts
The fifth precept as total abstention from intoxicants?
174 Not chanting the Refuges outside of the Order
177 The fine arts and spiritual life
178-180 Order robes? ‘Dressing up’ for pujas etc.
180-182 Music and dance in pujas
183-184 Professionalism and creativity
185 Handicrafts in the Order
187 ‘Whatever we love, we want to embellish’
188 Next Session
190-212 Mitras and the kalyana mitra system
194 The beginnings of establishing the mitra system. 35 mitras worldwide at the time of this session!
194-197 Preparing for ordination
212-227 Resolution of difficulties with the mitra system
216 Resignation of mitras
214-218 Facilities for Friends and Mitras
220-226 Discussions about specific mitra/kalyana mitra relationships
228 Communication between kalyana mitras
230-240 Hierarchies in the FWBO? Friends
232 The dayaka - supporter
239-242 Cords/kesas for mitras?
243 Kalyana mitras of the same sex?
244-246 ‘Mitrata’ and its content
246-257 Next session - the teaching and studying of the Dharma
246 Spending more and more time on less and less
249 Allowing study groups to go off at tangents
250-252 Difficulties with studying particular texts
252-255 Approaches to study
The word ‘study’ and the word ‘seminar’
258 The aim of a study group
259-264 Preparation for giving lectures
260 The three lectures that any Order member should be able to give
266 Two ways of attracting people to the FWBO - meditation and lectures
268 Using visual aids when teaching
269 The Higher Evolution
270-272 The micchaditthi of everybody being equal and challenging wrong thinking
273-277 Contacting ‘Political Idealists’
278 Taking meditation classes
280 Being wary of innovation in meditation classes
Visualisation of Sakyamuni and the Stupa
280-282 The Six Element Practice and Just Sitting Practice
282-286 Walking and Chanting
286 Not ‘forcing the pace’ when taking classes
286-295 Varying the programme on retreats
291-292 Mixing meditation and study?
295-299 Dissatisfied people at public classes
300 Speakers’ classes
302 Next Session - The Functions of the Order and the WBO
303-325 Starting new Centres and activities
307-308 FWBO activities in Scotland in 1975
309-310 The FWBO in Bristol?
311-312 Expansion to the Midlands and the North - Birmingham, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester, Sheffield?
316 The standard FWBO set up is only one of the possibilities
318 London, Amsterdam and Copenhagen as FWBO bases in Europe
320-321 FWBO contacts in the Netherlands and in Germany
323-326 The FWBO in Beirut, Yugoslavia, Poland, Israel, Australia?
328 Wholefoods as a possible area for FWBO work?
329 Sending the FWBO Newsletter to all Buddhist groups
331-334 Buddhist involvement with environmental issues?
335 Looking for new, young, Order members and not letting the Order become staid
336 Social and political involvement of the Order/FWBO
337 Employer and employee relationships
338-340 Political systems - Proudhon, Henry George, Schumacher
341-342 Involvement in local politics
343-346 Subhuti gives information about the new London Buddhist Centre and community - to be - in Bethnal Green
345 Arrangements for receiving guests at the new centre
349-352 Lokamitra on fundraising the £15,000 (£30,000 in total) needed to renovate the New London Centre
353 ‘The FWBO and other (non-Buddhist) spiritual traditions’
357-361 Transcendental Meditation and Divine Light
362 Spiritualism
365 Sufis
369 The absurdity of saying that all religions are one
370 Conflicts between individual needs and the needs of the Order/Movement
373 ...

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