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Conquering New Worlds

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by Sangharakshita

Tape PO1: Conquering New Worlds

This was a poetry reading. The poems are not transcribed here but are available in the book of the same title.

The poems that were read were entitled: 1. One. Poems written in India: Meditation 2. Advent 3. Secret Ways 4. The Lotus of Compassion 5. The Fragrance of Compassion 6. Village India 7. Messengers from Tibet 8. "The Ashes of all my Heartaches" 9. In the Woods are M any More 10. Buffaloes Being Driven to Market 11. Man's Way 12. The Conquest of M ara 13. The Bodhisattva's Reply 14. Nalanda Revisited 15. Sonnet 16. Sonnet 17. Tibetan Refugee 18. Two. Poems written in the West Stanzas 19. Orpheus in the Underworld 20. St. Jerome in the Desert 21. For the R ecord 22. New 23. Fourth Metamorphosis 24. Dream 25. Life is King 26. The New Forest ­ Summer 1969 27. The Ballad of Journeyman Death 28. Song of the Windhorse 29. Too Late 30. Vignette 31. The Scapegoat 32. After Rilke 33. The Stricken Giant 34. Lines Composed on Retreat During a Period of Silence 35. St. Francis and the Birds 36. Blake Walked Among the Stones of Fire ...

download whole text as a pdf