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The Order-s Relation to Sangharakshita

by Vishvapani

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... of founding the Western Buddhist order. I indeed took that responsibility
on myself, and it was indeed an onerous one. None the less there are times when, far from
feeling that it was I that took on the responsibility, I feel it was the responsibility that took
on me. There are times when I am dimly aware if a vast, overshadowing Consciousness
that has, through me, founded the Order and set in motion our whole movement.'

What then do we relate to when we relate to Bhante. A 75 year old Englishman of regular
habits and literary tastes, or something much greater? The man, or this mysterious force,
which we too may dimly perceive as we contemplate his life and its effects? Bhante has
made himself a powerful conduit for this force. Our little lives are rounded by a sleep, yet
we have each felt its impression, and it has disturbed our dreams, even if our slumbers

In 'The Words of My Perfect Teacher', Patral Rimpoche uses the analogy of lighting a
fire. The Dharma is like the sun, which shines on all equally, but its rays are defused. A
kalyana mitra, in the fullest sense is like a lens which focuses the sun’s rays, so that we
may feel their intensity applied to our little selves, and like a bundle of twigs, we may be
set afire.

May we be burned up by the Dharma, consumed in the flames kindled by our kind,
flawed complex, brilliant teacher, Urgyen Sangharakshita, and may the conflagration
spread. Berzin finishes his meditation with a prayer, and with that I conclude:

‘May the legacy of my mentor’s good qualities and kindness integrate with my own
qualities so that I may pass on this legacy to others and help them feel happiness, well
being, liberation and eventually enlightenment for the benefit of all.’ (p.255)

Talk given at the Men’s UK National Order Weekend, August 2000
© Vishvapani, 2006

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You searched for SANGHARAKSHITA

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