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Anapanasati Retreats Glossary of Terms

by Viveka

The recordings refer to the following terms in places:
• Bhante and Sangharakshita: Founder of the Western Buddhist Order
• The 4 stage mindfulness of breathing practice: 1st stage: silently count at the
end of each exhalation (up to 10 breaths, then starting at "1" again); 2nd stage:
count at the beginning of each inhalation (up to 10, then starting at "1" again);
3rd stage: dropping the counting; 4th stage: keeping the focus where the breath
first enters the body
• Metta (loving kindness) meditation: Bringing to mind, with a friendly attitude:
oneself, then a good friend, neutral person, difficult person and in the final stage
extending friendliness to all beings.
• Karuna: compassion
• Upekkha: equanimity
• Paticca samuppada: conditionality, the law of dependent origination

download whole text as a pdf