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Anapanasati Retreat 2003 Handouts - 13th 14th 15th and 16th Instructions

by Viveka

13th through 16th Contemplations of the Dhamma Tetrad

Exploring the Nature of Reality

13. Focusing on impermanence

Noticing the nature of everything, through firsthand experience, including:

1. Impermanence –the arising and dissolving of all our experience both as a
particular strand (a breath or a particular vedana) and as a vast, simultaneous,
multi-layered process of arising and dissolving.

2. Dependent origination/conditionality ( paticca samuppada) – seeing the chain of
cause and effect unfold.

3. Interconnectedness – arises out of seeing conditionality but more the aspect of
seeing the positive connection and interdependence of the experience called “me”

4. Insubstantiality (sunyata) – Where is the fixed “me” in the process of arising and
dissolving? We clearly exist but not in the narrow way we usually think of.
Contacting a more open way of being, full of possibility.

5. Thusness – Getting in touch with the mysterious, ungraspable quality of

14. Fading away (viraga)

Focusing on our attachment fading away. Happens organically as we realize
impermanence. Releasing the rope.

15. Cessation (nirodha)

Literally the unbinding of the mind from greed, hatred and delusion. The sense of
quenching a fire. No longer approaching things as me or mine. The fading away has
resulted in this.

16. Relinquishment (patinissa)

Meaning to throw back or give back. We give back everything to which we were
attached. Even a subtle sense of self that might have been observing up to this point has
dissolved. Letting go even of the practice of Anapanasati.

download whole text as a pdf