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Asvagosha Songs

by Various

Asvagosha Songs

by The Asvagosha Project

Audio available at: http://www.freebuddhistaudio.com/talks/details?num=LOC59

English translation by Dhammachari Kumarajiva

01 Asvagosha, Asvagosha

From hills to deep ravines,
From the sea to the sky,
Asvagosha fares in village and city,
Asvagosha goes on and on.

He plays the one rhythm and sound,
this constant hero of giving.
Asvagosha spreads the Dharma far and wide.
Asvagosha speaks, Asvagosha sings,
Asvagosha dances wherever he goes.

‘Victory to Bhim’ is the cry of Asvagosha,
The Buddha Dharma his sole thought and intent.
He practices the Dharma, he always responds with friendliness,
Asvagosha is taking us all to enlightenment.

02 Jivanta Dakhala

The glory of the great law of truth,
Whoever tastes it will benefit all humanity.
This is the living testimony.

Ashoka learned at the battle of Kalinga,
That the fire of hatred when extinguished
Gave rise to the light of compassion.
He worked for the welfare of many,
And never returned to make war.
This is the living testimony.

He broke the thick chains of slavery,
That has lasted for hundreds of years.
Without bloodshed or weapons,
He destroyed untouchability.
Thus did Babasaheb Ambedkar,
Drive his chariot on the Buddha’s path to victory.
This is the living testimony.

To live a great life we must learn,
True revolutions are won through peace.
War can only create war,
And contains the seeds of destruction.
No fighter can live forever,
We all must join with the dust.
This is the living testimony.

03 Ek Bano Neka Bano

Be united, be honest,
This is the call of time.
This is the great challenge in life.

Brotherhood amongst us is created by kindness,
Dispel the poisonous snake of enmity from your hearts.
This is the only way we will overcome our difficulties.

Give up unskillful behaviour and thoughts,
Burn the flame of wisdom and create golden dreams.
Then in a new light,
Look on the world anew.
To achieve true happiness,
We should unite.
Share your hunger and pain,
Forget the difference of birth (caste).
This is our moral responsibility;
To behave in a human way.

The world is ours to do with what we can.
We should not break our bond of love with it,
But live and die here in a true bond of friendship.

04 Dhamma Januna Ghe

Follow and realise the Dharma,
Leave misery and pain behind.
The only way to achieve this,
is to realize the truth of the Dharma.

Oh dear friend, realise the power of this truth.
You don’t know when this life will end.
Don’t hesitate through pride.
Pride is a sign of danger.

To achieve your real purpose in life,
You should walk the same path as the Buddha.
Remain steadfast and true to the path,
This is my heartfelt advice to you.

In your heart replace hatred with kindness,
Be compassionate; don’t hesitate to help,
And then delight in the happiness of others.

05 Tumche Amuche Bandhutwache Nate


We live in a brotherhood of Sangha,
Oh Bhante Sangharakshita,
such is the joy of our lives.

By wandering in India,
you found the Dharma.
Your discovery now illuminates the whole world.
Your teachings and friendship bring us great joy.

When younger you thrice met (Dr.) Ambedkar,
You opened your heart to his vision,
And undertook to bring his work to fruition.

On December the sixth,
Time did strike him.
To console us you taught us the Dharma.
It is through you we can see our great leader.

06 Ata Tumhi Te Deepa Wha

A lamp illuminating the path of the Dharma

In the heart,
Creates happiness throughout the world.
To help beings realise this,
Become as a beacon in front of them.
We need power in the form of wisdom,
The insight that sees what needs to be done.
Commit yourself to the practice of morality,
And become a great hero for the benefit of others.

The Buddha’s great lamp is burning,
Light your lamp from his great example.
Keep the Dharma alight in your heart,
And make yourself one with the Sangha.

There is naught that brings happiness in this world,
Except to follow the Buddha and his Dharma.
The world is caught up in suffering,
Therefore help to release people from pain.

07 Andaratun Baher Ya Ho

Come out of the darkness,
Don’t be caught in the snare of ignorance.
Follow the way of truth.

Those desires that are born of ignorance,
Will mislead you throughout your life.
Instead, Go for Refuge to the Buddha.

As a strong wind brings on the rain
So ignorance gives rise to our suffering.
Instead, Go for Refuge to the Dharma.

In the darkness our minds are full
Of Greed, Hatred and Delusion.
Then our speech is Frivolous and Useless.
Instead, Instead, Go for Refuge to the Sangha,
And be sure to come out of that darkness.

08 Mahaparinirvana Sagari

With the passing away of the Buddha,
The sun has set on the world.
People suffer in the dark, bewildered,
Prone to fear and anxiety.

The ten directions of space appear desolate.
The sky is bleak and unyielding,
The supreme light has gone beyond.
The thick black cloud remains,
A great pillar of hopes and visions, has collapsed.

In the sand of the fathomless sea,
Comes a tidal flow of people,
Broken hearted and sobbing,
Because of their loss,
Their wounds caused by the intensity of reality.

With constant effort like a fast wind – flow.
He struggled to emancipate life.
He went beyond death,
As burning hot lava is cooled.

09 Raho Sukhane Ha Manau Ethe

May all beings be happy
Here on this Earth.
May you and I achieve happiness.
May all beings unite in friendship.

Let this feeling of friendship,
Be cultivated in our hearts.
Discord between men should not be caused by
Caste, Religion or Nation.

Keep this feeling of friendliness for all beings,
Constantly alive in our hearts.
May all beings be happy
Here on this Earth.


Dhammachari Ratnodaya
Dhammachari Kamalabodhi
Dhammachari Satyadeepa
Dhammachari Yashoratna
Rahul Sownone
Satish Moon


Ananada Panchabhai, tabla
Narendra Kale, harmonium

Original producers

Dhammachari Siddhartha
Jayant Barve

Digital remastering

Dhammachari Candradasa

℗ Dharmachakra Archive 2008, © Asvagosha Project 1995

download whole text as a pdf