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The Order-s Relation to Sangharakshita - Index

by Vishvapani

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The Order's Relation to Sangharakshita – Index

by Vishvapani

01 Introduction: Sangahrakshita's 'My Relation to the Order'; a changing relationship –
passing on responsibility for ordination

02 A changing structure, a changing Order; new relationships

03 Sangharakshita as preceptor; Subhuti's role in relation to Sangharakshita

04 Sangharakshita's view of himself in response to St. Jerome; translations and re-
translations – the role of a disciple; death as the final form of change

05 A mutually important relationship; gratitude to teachers; kalyana mitrata – what is a
disciple? ‘Shaikshas’, ‘shishyas’, and ‘bhajanas’

06 Rejoicing in the founding an Order and spiritual movement; issues and difficulties –
introduction and brief history (ex-Padmaraja and ex-Vajrakumara – Stephen Barnham
and Mark Dunlop)

07 Troubles in India and the West; attacks, doubts and responses; teachers and students

08 Problematic models of teacher-student relationship – sex, money and power 'scandals';
new, more thoughtful approaches; difference between Sangharakshita and other
traditional teachers – no claim to Enlightenment

09 Sangharakshita's 'authority'; Sangharakshita as 'friend' – problems with this,
necessarily 'impersonal' nature of such friendship; repudiation of ecclesiastical authority

10 Sangharakshita on his own lack of 'authority'; responsibility on individuals; the
‘Kalama Sutta’; the Four Reliances (patisaranas)

11 Seeing a teacher as 'a repository of perceptions'; disagreeing – not 'who is right?' but
'what is the truth?'; disagreeing with a teacher

12 Sangharakshita's influence – how does it feel to be in relationship? 'The Anxiety of
Influence' – Harold Bloom; thinking for oneself – the dangers; between individualism and

13 Engaging with influence – difficulties, paradoxes and blessings

14 Conclusion – relating to teachers as a practice; taking responsibility; 'sutra level guru
meditation' derived from Tsongkhapa – first two stages: devotion and inspiration

15 'Sutra level guru meditation' – next stages: reflecting on the teacher's faults and
virtues; what we can become; the teacher's kindness; requesting inspiration
16 Sangharakshita on his own limitations and the results of his efforts; lighting a fire; a
final prayer

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You searched for SANGHARAKSHITA