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The Buddha In Nature

by Kamalashila

We asked Kamalashila to give a talk for Buddhist Action Month 2015 with its themes around sustainability and caring for others. He responded with this beautifully focussed look at our whole relationship to nature and the elements: how the artificiality in our lives can get in the way of seeing what things are actually like - and what we might do about that in practice!

Kamalashila uses these reflections as a way into evoking a more natural, deeply encouraging perspective, one that allows us to open up to the reality the Buddha pointed to under the tree and let the Dharma transform us and the world we help create.

Talk given at Portsmouth Buddhist Center, New Hampshire, USA, June 2015.

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1. The Buddha and trees; going on retreat in nature; our relation to the elements (4:49) 
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2. Nature as a support for practice; meditation dissolving artificiality; the qualities of the elements (4:51) 
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3. Our relationship to the qualities of earth, water, air; spaciousness (5:16) 
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4. Liberation from suffering, letting the Dharma in; meditating on the natural state of things; what realisation is (5:10) 
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5. Ways into realisation; noting the inconsistencies in experience; letting go ways of seeing; the free nature of everything; movement of thought in the mind (4:58) 
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6. The naturalness of Nirvana; on ordinary natural living; simplicity and its relationship to the natural (3:21) 

Total running time: 28:25