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Day Event On the Six Elements

by Kamalashila

In this day event Kamalashila explores the six elements using meditations and talks.

Kamalashila starts the day with a meditation session on mindfulness of breathing. He then introduces us to the six elements and leads a visualisation of these elements. We then use bodywork to discover how the elements are present in ourselves. This is followed by a stupa visualisation and the day ends with a very lively elements ritual.

There is more traffic noise than usual on this tape as we are in a temporary shrine room with the windows open.

This talk was given at the Croydon Buddhist Centre in 2016.

Tracks (click play to listen)

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1. Mindfulness of breathing meditation (45:22) 
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2. Introduction to the six elements (26:01) 
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3. Elements visualisation (34:32) 
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4. Elements in the body (31:31) 
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5. More about the six elements (31:08) 
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6. Elements ritual (35:40) 

Total running time: 3:24:14