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SCIENCE of DHAMMA - Evolution and the Niyamas (with translation in Hindi)

by Subhuti

For the first time, Subhuti here systematically explores the Buddha-Dhamma by linking up Sangharakshita's teachings on the lower and higher evolution, the 5 Niyamas and the Triratna 5 fold dimensions of spiritual discipline.

This lecture series was given over the course of one week, under the auspices of the National Network of Buddhist Youth-India, to an audience of some 400 gathered for the annual NNBY convention.

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1. Introduction (12:58) 
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2. Burning the Manusmrti (4:54) 
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3. Talk One (1:14) 
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4. Talk Two (58:29) 
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5. Talk Three (1:05) 
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6. Talk Four (1:05) 
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7. Talk Five (1:12) 
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8. Concluding Remarks (31:33) 

Total running time: 1:52:30