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A Blueprint for a New World

by Sangharakshita

Is it possible to create a society in which all social, economic, and political arrangements will support the development of true individuality? In this lecture a number of principles essential to the successful transformation of our current society are discussed.

Talk given in 1976.

This talk is part of the series Buddhism for Today and Tomorrow.

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1. Introduction and recapitulation of series (9:20) 
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2. Old world and New World (7:05) 
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3. Changing self and society (12:38) 
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4. Transforming the world into a spiritual community (5:16) 
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5. Transformation through team-based 'Right Livelihoods' (10:20) 
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6. The Movement taking the place of society (6:21) 
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7. Transformation through spiritual communities (5:01) 
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8. A blueprint for a new world (6:24) 

Total running time: 1:02:25