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Mind is the Centre of Everything

a series of talks by Subhuti

In July 2015 Subhuti presented a series of three talks at the Mahavihara in Pune, India entitled ‘Mind is the Centre of Everything' (Dr B. R. Ambedkar: The Buddha and His Dhamma, Bk I, Pt VII, Para 3.1) In ‘The Buddha and His Dhamma’ Dr. Ambedkar states that 'the first distinguishing feature of the Buddhas teaching lay in the recognition of the mind as the centre of everything' (Bk I, Pt VII, Para 3.1). But what is the mind and how do we work with it? In this series of talks, given to a general audience in Pune, Subhuti considers the nature of the mind with reference to the Buddha’s own teachings, as well as referring to the characteristics outlined in the Abhidharma and the layers of mind explored by the great Asanga. Each talk offers ways of working with the mind, of changing the mind, as an essential path to transforming the self and transforming society. Given in English and translated into Hindi by Bharati Shetty