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Seeking the House Builder

a series of talks by Subhuti

In February 2015 Subhuti led an Order kalyana mitra retreat at Triratna's Three Jewels Centre in Bodhgaya. To help prepare for the evening meditation and puja under the Bodhi tree Subhuti offered this series of four inspiring talks and a question and answer session which explore what, according to Buddhagosha, were the first words spoken by the Buddha after his Enlightenment.

"Many a birth have I undergone in this (process of) faring on (in the round of conditioned existence), seeking the builder of the house and not finding him. Painful is (such) repeated birth.

"House-builder, (now) you are seen! Never again shall you build (me) a house. Your rafters are all broken, your ridgepole shattered. The (conditioned) mind too has gone to destruction: one has attained to the cessation of craving."

Given in English and translated into Hindi by Maitriveer-Nagarjuna